eBay Item Feedback Filtering With FeedbackSelector

Sometimes the eBay dashboard can be extremely unhelpful at times. For example when you’re interested in seeing feedback that people left for a specific item. There’s just no way of doing it using the eBay filtering tools at our disposal. eBay hasn’t thought about implementing this type of feature up until now, why exactly I… Read More »

Portable Network Scanner For Windows – Network Scan Info OS

Managing local networks and computers connected to them can be a tad bit intimidating, especially if you don’t have a lot or any kind of network management experience. Today I’m going to do a review of a small and portable network scanner software for Windows which helps you detect all the computers hooked up to… Read More »

Feature Rich Calorie Counter App For Android – MyFitnessPal

The holiday season is over which means that there’s a significant number of swollen people with additional pounds around their waists out there who are having regrets and who wish that they had more self-control during the festivities. Calorie counter apps on Android have come a long way, and they now offer a lot of… Read More »

Secure Anonymous Search Engine Ixquick Search

A long, long time ago, in this very same galaxy that we inhabit now, I wrote an article about how you can avoid being tracked by Google. This can be achieved by using an alternative search engine called Startpage which works as sort of a proxy between you and Google. Every search query that you… Read More »

Online Radio Link Scraping For MPD How To

It’s not a secret that I have a Raspberry Pi. I’ve published a couple of articles a while back explaining how to change DNS servers on XBMC so that you can watch region restricted media streaming services and I also shared another fix that can help you solve problems with Hulu streaming specifically. Raspberry Pi… Read More »

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock App For Android

Are you one of those everyone who has problems waking up in the morning? Yes, I said everyone, because everyone has problems waking up in the morning. If someone tells you that they have no problems waking up in the morning, that person is an outright lair. Such an individual doesn’t exist, it can’t, 🙂… Read More »

Lightweight Image Viewer For Windows – Imagine

It seems that recently I’ve been focusing a bit too much on Android apps and I’ve been neglecting the amazing world of desktop applications. Desktop apps are also cool, and they should not be ignored, even though it’s cool and hip to use smartphones and tablets for everything, there are still those of us who… Read More »

Flappy Bird Alternative App For Android – Flappy Fish

Everybody is familiar with Flappy Bird, right? If you never heard about that particular combination of words, Flappy Bird, you really need to ask yourself some serious questions. Questions like where have I gone wrong in life not to know about Flappy Bird. I mean the game caused people to throw their phones and tablets… Read More »

L Lockscreen App – Lollipop Lockscreen Android L

Everybody seems to be going crazy about the upcoming Android version 5 which has been codenamed Lollipop. To apparently decrease the number of seconds it takes to say the name of this new version of Android people have shortened its name, so it’s just Android L (insert decreasing attention span of the population joke here… Read More »

Northern Lights And Water Desktop Effects For Windows

Todays article has been due for quite some time now. I promised the author of the fire desktop effect app for Windows called Faya, that I’ll do another review of the app now that it includes 2 additional effects, so here it is. The original review can be seen if you click on this link… Read More »