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By | September 24, 2016

Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas is a 3D human anatomy app for Android. That’s basically a one sentence summary of what we’re going to be talking about today. Now I don’t think that this app should be taken as an alternative for an actual medical textbook, but it does come very close. It can be a great additional aid in understanding the human anatomy. Note that since this is a 3D app, you will need a newer Android device for everything to work properly and without freezes.

Free 3D human anatomy app for Android – Anatomy Learning 3D Atlas

First thing that you’ll be told by the app is that the initial 20MB download from the Play Store is just the beginning. Additional downloads of up to 1GB of data is needed to get all the 3D models in all the available categories that the app is offering.

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While we’re on the subject of categories, there are a total of 23 of them to choose from. Each category covers a different part of the human anatomy. Available categories include:

  • Osteology of head and neck
  • Muscles of head and neck
  • Vessels of head and neck
  • Innervation of head and neck
  • Central nervous system
  • Eye and orbit
  • Bones and ligaments of upper limbs
  • Muscles of the upper limbs
  • Vessels of the upper extremity
  • Innervation of the upper limbs
  • Bones and ligaments of the lower limbs
  • Muscles of lower limbs
  • Vessels of lower limbs
  • Innervation of lower limbs
  • Bones and ligaments of the chest
  • Muscles of the chest and back
  • Digestive system
  • Vessels of the thorax abdomen and pelvis
  • Heart
  • Respiratory tract
  • Urinary system
  • Male reproductive system
  • Female reproductive

After selecting a category, you’ll be presented with subcategories. On the screenshot down below you can see subcategories for the “Eye and orbit” category.


Note the button up top that offers you to download 3D models for the selected category. Downloads are available in three different pack sizes, minimum, recommended and full. Minimum pack size is just around 500kb big, recommended is 10MB and the full pack has 30MB. I’m talking about this particular category.

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Admittedly I could have picked a less creepy category when testing the app, but I went for the “Eyeball location” which means that you’re going to be freaked out by the partial skull and eyeball. Controls are the usual, long tap on the screen and move your finger around to pan, zoom with double pinching, etc. For each section of the 3D model you can simply single tap the screen to open up additional information about that particular section of the model.


On the image above, I’ve clicked on the cornea and a small pop-up appeared up top telling me that it indeed is cornea. Long tap hides this info. Additional tools are also available and they include things like:

  • Highlighter – helps you highlight and label sections of the model, similar to a book.
  • Color changer – you can also change the coloring of sections that interest you the most.
  • Layer removal – also called the “puzzle” tool, lets you remove top layers of the model, to show its inner parts.
  • Automatic panning – allows you to automatically pan and zoom around the model.
  • Bookmarks – lets you bookmark parts of the anatomy that you need to repeat more later on.

Additional options exist, like the ability to edit the 3D models of the human anatomy yourself. Make sure that you know what you’re doing before going all Dr. Kevorkian.


Here’s the “Advanced” menu where most of the aforementioned tools can be found. Make sure to click on the question mark and read through the help file for more clarification on how everything works.

Final thoughts and download

All in all this 3D human anatomy app for Android is very interesting to use. Like I already mentioned, I’m not entirely sure that you can use it instead of an actual medical text book, but it can definitely be used for brushing up before exam.

Download: Click Here


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