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By | March 23, 2016

Our smartphones seem to be replacing more and more devices that we’ve gotten used to having over the years. I’m talking about things like cameras, discmans (remember those?), MP3 players, calculators, GPS navigation, you name it. One of the things that I didn’t know up until a while ago that you can use you phone as is a pedometer. I’m not sure how I missed it exactly, but browsing through the Play Store I discovered that I can use my Android devices as pedometers. There is a pedometer app that works very well, and it’s free. You’ll be shocked to find out that it’s called Pedometer, I know I was. 🙂 .

Pedometer app for Android – Pedometer

Before going into specifics about how exactly it is that Pedometer works and what it has to offer, I’ll give a quick rundown of all the more interesting features that it has to offer.

  • Free: app is completely free, although supported with ads
  • Stats: keeps track of things like calories burned, distance crossed, time spent walking and top speed
  • Logs: saves logs and gives daily, weekly and monthly overviews of activity
  • UI customizations: lets you change themes, switch between metric/imperial, etc.
  • Adjustable sensitivity: configure the sensor sensitivity if too many/too few steps are detected

A couple of other features exist, like customizable power saving modes, but the ones listed above are the “big ones”, the ones I think are the most worth mentioning. Let’s dig in and see what exactly does Pedometer has to offer.

How does Pedometer keep track of steps?

My best guess is that it uses the accelerometer to detect “movement jolts” that happen when we’re walking. Device that I tested this Pedometer app for Android on doesn’t have any other sensors other than the accelerometer, so that’s another reason why I think it uses the accelerometer. Before starting a walk, don’t forget to open up Pedometer and tap on the “Start” button for it to actually start counting steps.

pedometer app android 1

Interface lays out all the info straight up and is very easy to follow. At the top there are 3 tabs for switching between the daily, weekly and monthly stat overviews. Pedometer keeps track of burned calories, walked distance, time you spent walking and the top speed that you achieved. Taping on each of the 4 stats in the rectangle puts that stat in focus on the diagram down below. In the top right corner you’ll find a shortcut for opening up the app settings.

pedometer app android 2

There you can change things like interface themes, units of distance that are used, work modes and most importantly the sensor sensitivity. I’d like to single out sensor sensitivity setting here, because you will need to open up sensitivity settings if your device starts reporting steps that you didn’t make (is too sensitive) or doesn’t detect steps (isn’t sensitivity enough). I had to max out my sensitivity setting to have max sensitivity before steps started being counted properly.

Final thoughts and download

Pedometer really surprised me with how good it worked on my Android powered tablet, which is far away from what most people would call a quality device. Steps that I made were detected just fine, and the amount of stats that the app displays is amazing. With that being said, precision could have been a bit better, without me needing to tweak sensitivity. Tell me what kind of luck did you have, how did app work for you, by leaving a comment down below.

Download: Click Here


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