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By | August 24, 2015

To a lot of people chess is kinda of a boring game to play, and if you agree with that statement, then you might want to skip todays article. On second thought, don’t go, because today I’ll be talking about a chess game for Android called Chess Free, which is perfect for both beginners and seasoned players. Those who are just starting out will love Chess Free because it has a tutor mode where it teaches players how to play chess, and more advanced players will love it because of the very competitive AI that they can play against.

Chess game for Android – Chess Free

Let’s start things off with a quick rundown of the most interesting features:

  • Beginner friendly with tutorial mode for learning
  • Local multiplayer is supported, 2 players on the same device
  • Online scoring, achievements and score leaderboards
  • Game saves are supported, so you can continue a match later on
  • Game analysis helps you figure out moves, and where you went wrong
  • Chess Free hands on

    chess game android chess free 1

    What makes Chess Free interesting is the fact that it can help you learn how to play chess, like I already mentioned in the introduction. Before you start the game you’ll need to go through the setup. First there are options for signing in with a Google account or if you want the sounds on or off during the game.

    chess game android chess free 2

    Multiplayer games can be played, local multiplayer games. Single player mode with lots of increasingly more difficult levels is also available. Victories give you points that you can then use to compare yourself against other players from around the world.

    chess game android chess free 3

    This is how the single player mode game setup looks like. Choose between the 12 available difficulty levels, decide if you want the tutor on/off, activate/deactivate the white handicap, setup game/move timers, and lastly choose between the chess piece colors and play modes.

    chess game android chess free 4

    Graphics are optimized for both smartphones and tablets. Player info (who’s got the next move, removed chess pieces) are displayed on the left, and the chess board is available on the right. I played with the tutor mode turned on because I’m not that good at chess, so there are green guides that tell you the best locations for your next move.

    chess game android chess free 5

    Pieces that are taken out of the game are placed on the left. All that’s left now is to beat the AI at hard, or if you can’t do that, start at the easiest difficulty setting and make your way up the ladder until you get better.

    Final thoughts and download

    Chess Free is a lot of fun, and it’s suitable for everyone, regardless of how good you are at chess. OK, maybe those who are grandmasters and try to play Chess Free will discover that the AI isn’t really that bright, but for someone like me, it’s practically invincible. Do you perhaps know a different chess game for Android that’s more interesting? Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

    Download: Click Here


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