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By | April 4, 2015

Organizing ones day can just very well be the thing that makes you get off your sofa and do something more productive with your time. I’m not saying that watching TV isn’t productive, especially if you’re watching something as awesome as Kyle XY (YES, I watched it, so what, sue me, I don’t really care). Anyway, what I was saying is that creating a daily schedule can be a psychological motivator. Seeing all the things that need to be done might push you into actually doing them. TimeTune is a daily scheduler app for Android. It’s easy to use and comes packed with lots of features that are going to hopefully help you better organize your daily activities.

TimeTune – free daily scheduler app for Android

I like to start these reviews with a quick list of the most interesting features that an app has to offer, so here it goes:

  • Light on system resources: doesn’t take up too much CPU and RAM.
  • Has routines: create multiple work routines (schedules) of different lengths, daily, weekly, up to 2 weeks.
  • Detailed work plans: setup work periods, breaks, fun time, your entire day right down to the last detail.
  • Notifications: lets you setup various different notifications, vibrations, sounds, text messages, voice notification, screen wake-ups.
  • Schedule sharing: it’s possible to export and share created routines with other people.
  • Statistics tracking: keep detailed stats on success of your routines to improve them.

Here’s how the main menu looks like. You’ll see this, well something similar to this, after running TimeTune for the first time.

1 timetune free daily scheduler app android main list

I’ve added a couple of routines of my own to the list. After running the app for the first time you’ll only going to be seeing the default routine named My Routine.

2 timetune free daily scheduler app android sidebar menu

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Swipe from the left part of the screen to bring up the main sidebar menu. From there you can switch between all the more important options that this daily scheduler app is offering, reminders, statistics, tags (for tagging work schedule), etc.

4 timetune free daily scheduler app android adding new routine

Before a new routine (remember, routines are daily schedules here) can be setup, it first needs to be created. This can be done from the “Routines” option of the main menu, see the second image from the top.

3 timetune free daily scheduler app android schedule example

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Now we’ve come to the main star of the show, so to speak. What you’re looking at on the image above is the daily schedule for a single day, in this case it’s for a Monday and as you can see, it’s dreadful. Getting up at 5:50 in the morning on a Monday? That’s impossible, this schedule is a lie.. 🙂 Anyway, to add new tasks to the list, tap on the plus icon in the top right corner of the screen.

6 timetune free daily scheduler app android tweaking task duration

This will initiate the task creator where first you need to select the duration of the task using a very nice analog clock type of pop-up widget. Just tap on the clock hand and turn it around to set the duration of the task.

5 timetune free daily scheduler app android editing list tags

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Last thing that you need to setup are the task tags. Like I already mentioned briefly before, task tags are applied to tasks so that you can know what needs to be done. Tags can be anything you want (you can add your own), studying, hiking, exercising, working, you get the picture. Once a tag is set for a certain task, it’s added to the task list for the selected day. When you finish, your daily schedule should be full, every last minute one it, like the one on the first image from the top.

Conclusion and download

TimeTune is a very feature rich daily scheduler app and I’m surprised that it’s free to be honest. Creating a daily schedule with TimeTune might seem a bit complicated, and it will take some time to figure out how everything works, but it’s worth it. Until I find a better alternative, this is by favorite daily schedule for Android.

Download: Click Here


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  1. TimeTune

    Thanks a lot from TimeTune!! We are already working on new improvements, so stay tuned for coming versions!! 😉

  2. Miranda

    ‘ve been looking for an app like this for a while now. The only problem is that it only comes for Android, not IOS. Do you have any tips on a similar app for IOS?


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