Flappy Bird Clone Game For Android – Twitchy Moth

By | April 11, 2015

Does anyone remember Flappy Bird? Did you throw your phone into the wall while playing it? I seem to remember reading that people did that when they became frustrated with the game. Today I thought to myself, why not relive all that with a Flappy Bird clone game for Android. I already talked about Flappy Fish a while back. Today I’m switching to moths, and it’s not a flappy moth, it’s twitchy. The game is called Twitchy Moth. It’s actually a kinda cool name. Let’s dig in and see what exactly it has to offer.

Free Flappy Bird clone game for Android – Twitchy Moth

Unlike Flappy Fish, Twitchy Moth is lightweight (just a couple of MB in size) and it’s gray, very monochromatic, there’s no color at all. I like it, because it makes playing the game easier on the eyes at night.

1 flappy bird clone game android twitchy moth main menu

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This Flappy Bird clone has three game modes, three difficulty settings that you can choose. I suggest you start with “Normal” game mode and then try the “New York” mode, which is harder or “Moon” mode, which is easier.

2 flappy bird clone game android twitchy moth tutorial how to play

Twitchy Moth is played by tapping on the screen. Each top on the screen is going to lift up the moth and allow it to fly longer distance. Trouble is that there are obstacles along the level, Flappy Bird type of obstacles.

3 flappy bird clone game android twitchy moth playing

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Difference between actual Flappy Bird and this clone is that Twitchy Moth doesn’t have pipes as obstacles. Instead of pipes you get something that could best be described with the words “oblong hills”, I guess. It’s also easier to play.

4 flappy bird clone game android twitchy moth score results

I got this high score of 32 pretty easy. I don’t think it was this easy to have a high score of 32 in Flappy Bird. Now going past this high score isn’t easy and this is probably the stage in which rage starts kicking in. After all, this is a Flappy Bird clone game, you can’t play a Flappy bird clone without going insane and wanting to throw your phone into the wall.

Conclusion and download

Twitchy Moth is a lot of fun and for some unexplained reason I enjoyed playing it more than I did enjoy playing Flappy Fish. It’s simple, without a lot of options to tweak, other than selecting the game difficulty setting, and it doesn’t have a lot of intrusive ads.

Download: Click Here


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