eBay Item Feedback Filtering With FeedbackSelector

By | February 8, 2015

Sometimes the eBay dashboard can be extremely unhelpful at times. For example when you’re interested in seeing feedback that people left for a specific item. There’s just no way of doing it using the eBay filtering tools at our disposal. eBay hasn’t thought about implementing this type of feature up until now, why exactly I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense because knowing what kind of feedback someone left for an item can come in handy when determining if said item is worth buying or not. Luckily someone, some kind wizard out there, came across this problem and created the FeedbackSelector website.

eBay feedback filtering with FeedbackSelector

FeedbackSelector is a website where you can browse through eBay feedback that others have left for a specific item that a seller is offering. The website asks you to input the ID of the seller whose item you’d like to look up and a few keywords from the item title, like this:

ebay feedback selector website item specific feedback

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It will then go through the feedback history of the seller whose ID you entered and search for the item title keywords. Only the feedback with matching item title is going to be fetched and displayed. Here’s an example, picture’s worth a thousand words:

ebay feedback selector website item specific feedback filter

Feedback selector goes through 2000 feedback entries at a time and displays only those whose item title contains the keywords that you entered at the first step of the setup. You might get several pages of results, depending on how popular the item that you’re planning on buying is. If no feedback is detected, it probably means that the item isn’t very popular, is not selling and therefore there’s no feedback. Now that I think about it, it could also mean that the website stopped functioning. Make sure to check with a popular item (one that has been sold many times), if everything works properly.

Final thoughts

eBay feedback filtering is as easy as pie when using FeedbackSelector. If you want to see feedback for a specific item on eBay, it doesn’t get better than this. Maybe we should all get together and send eBay a bunch of emails telling them to implement this feature. Has there been an initiative for this already? Am I too late? Are you saying that decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels might be more important? I don’t, I just don’t know… 🙂


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  1. dealfinder90

    Hi Zoran,

    If you find Feedback Selector useful, you should also find the binEye Feedback Checker useful. The workflow is streamlined so you can use a search term and view feedback for the results before going to purchase the item.


    Thanks and let me know what you think,



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