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By | February 9, 2015

Spam somehow always finds us. Sometimes I think that the websites are lying to us when they say that they won’t use our email address for anything other than “occasional update or promo”. Do you think that people would do that? Lie on the internet? 😀 Luckily there are foolproof ways how to prevent spam from reaching the inbox of our main email address. One of the tricks that everyone should know about are temporary email addresses. In case of 10 Minute Mail, you get a 10 minute email address where activation emails during registration on shady websites can be sent. After 10 minutes passes, the email address is deleted.

10 Minute Mail – free temporary email address creator

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Some of you might be thinking to yourself, why not just have an additional email address for registrations on untrustworthy websites. That’s also a good way of avoiding spam, but if you’re lazy, then a temporary email address is an excellent alternative. So why should one use 10 Minute Mail?

  • Simplicity – email is created automatically, as soon as you open up the website. No configuration is necessary.
  • Temporary email – creates a fully functional email address for receiving emails, which can be used for up to 10 minutes. Note that there’s an option for extending the lifespan of the generated email address additional 10 minutes at a time.
  • Email manager – despite being a temporary email service provider, you get something very similar to an inbox for viewing and managing incoming messages.
  • Auto-destroy – created email address is disposable, meaning if you don’t renew it for another 10 minutes, it is automatically deleted, along with all the emails that you might have received there.

Once that the email is destroyed, any spam that might be sent there won’t bother you, it won’t bother you the slightest. Keep in mind that the temporary email address and messages that you receive there are deleted for good, and they can’t be recovered.

How to create a temporary email with 10MinuteMail

Like I already mentioned, you just need to open up the website and an email address is generated automatically. Next step is to copy the generated email address and use it for whatever it is that you need the disposable email address. Email inbox can be seen a little further down below.

free temporary email address service 10minutemail received messages inbox

Don’t forget that emails can only be received, you cannot send messages with 10MinuteMail. If you need to send messages from a disposable email address, then have a look at GuerrilaMail.

Final thoughts

10MinuteMail will give you a temporary email address for receiving confirmation emails from dubious websites where there’s just no way around registrations (when downloading files for example). It’s quick, easy to use and what’s more important, it works. Try it and let me know how it went in comments down below.

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