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By | January 11, 2015

A long, long time ago, in this very same galaxy that we inhabit now, I wrote an article about how you can avoid being tracked by Google. This can be achieved by using an alternative search engine called Startpage which works as sort of a proxy between you and Google. Every search query that you pass to Startpage is submitted to Google by Startpage and the results are sent back to you using the Startpage website. To sum up, only the IP address of the Startpage server is seen by Google. Today I’m gonna talk about another secure anonymous search engine from the very same team that created Startpage. It is called Ixquick.

Private search engine for the paranoid – Ixquick

Now Ixquick isn’t private in the sense that nobody knows about it, it’s pretty popular already. It’s private in the sense that no identifying information about you is picked up and kept by the Ixquick servers.

secure anonymous search engine ixquick

It might not look like much, and if you don’t like the default theme, there are 5 other templates available. They can be activated by tapping on the top right screen corner light bulb. Ixquick is a very powerful anonymous search engine which searches the web, images and videos. Here’s a quick overview of the more interesting features.

  • Security – no tracking cookies, no storing of your IP address, no search records.
  • Encryption – every search is transmitted via SSL encrypted connections (Google does this too now).
  • No personalized results – since no information about you is kept, you won’t see personalized results, in other words results made specially for you based on recorded search behavior.
  • Searches web, images, videos – look up links, photos and videos.
  • Customizable – there are extensive settings that can help you get more localized results, change interface, filter out adult content and more
  • Built-in proxy – comes with a built-in proxy where you can open up search results.
  • Some of the features from the list above are also available in the more tracking oriented search engines, but note that Ixquick had these features, like SSL encryption, long before they were available in Google.

    How is Ixquick different from Google Search and why is it safer=

    So that I don’t come off as the kind of guy who only writes loads of boring text, I decided to create a video explaining the features of Ixquick and to show how it works a bit.

    It’s basically just like Startpage, the only difference being that Ixquick, next to being an anonymous search engine, will also scoop up results from several search engines (Yahoo, Gigablast, even Google), compare them, and then display results based on their combined popularity in other search engines. I talked about all of this in the video, although a bit awkwardly to be honest, 🙂 . That’s it, take it or leave it, but if you do take it and start using Ixquick let me know what you think in the comment section down below. Heck tell me even if you’re not gonna be using it, 😉 .


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