Portable Network Scanner For Windows – Network Scan Info OS

By | January 30, 2015

Managing local networks and computers connected to them can be a tad bit intimidating, especially if you don’t have a lot or any kind of network management experience. Today I’m going to do a review of a small and portable network scanner software for Windows which helps you detect all the computers hooked up to your network and it also gives you some basic info about the network, like info on existing workgroups on the network, and the computers themselves (like which operating system they are using, are there any file shares present). The app is called Network Scan OS Info.

Portable network scanner software for Windows – Network Scan OS Info

Network Scan OS Info is about half a MB in size and it’s portable, so it doesn’t require any kind of installation. Unfortunately it’s also very simplistic, network device scan and detection is the only functionality that you’ll get out it. More advanced users won’t be impressed with Network Scan, but it just might come in handy to all those who aren’t interested in reading up on networks, but would still like to know all the devices that are connected to the network that they themselves are connected to.

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Like I said and like you can see from the image above, Network Scan OS info is small, compact and it’s not the Swiss Army knife of network management tools, so if you’re looking for that, run, run like the wind, 🙂 . Here’s a quick overview of the most interesting features that Network Scan has:

  • Small in size – it’s around half a MB in size, low resource usage.
  • Network scanning – it will scan and detect devices connected to your network.
  • Device info – it will scrape up basic info about the device, like operating system in use.
  • Network share detector – available network shares on every detected device on the network are going to be listed and you can easily access them with a double click.

The most interesting feature of this portable network device detector software is that it’s fully automated. You just need to click on the executable and it will start scanning the network right away, populating the list of devices down below, as they are being detected.


Network Scan OS Info is a great tool for everyone who would like to know more about their local network. You don’t need to know anything about network, just double click the executable and it will do the rest. Every detected device comes with a list of file shares that you can then easily access. Don’t forget, if you’re looking for advanced networking utilities, you’ve come to the wrong place. Check some of my other articles on the website, or the ones listed in the suggestion box down below. Cheers. 😀 .

Download: Click Here


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