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By | December 25, 2014

Are you one of those everyone who has problems waking up in the morning? Yes, I said everyone, because everyone has problems waking up in the morning. If someone tells you that they have no problems waking up in the morning, that person is an outright lair. Such an individual doesn’t exist, it can’t, 🙂 . Anyway, today I’m gonna talk to you about a wake up light alarm clock app for Android called Light Alarm Clock.

What does wake up light mean, and how can it help me?

A wake up light, if you haven’t heard about it by now, is an alarm clock with a light attached to it. Light is turned on X amount of time before the actual alarm goes off. Basic idea behind the wake up light is that the light which is turned on before the alarm will pull you out of deep sleep by simulating the Sun. Our bodies apparently have a natural response mechanism to Suns rays and they start to wake us up when light is detected.

Short video presentation of what a wake up does can be seen on the video above. Sure these guys are doing a commercial, but the rooster was tricked, there’s no denying that.

Light Alarm Clock – wake up light alarm clock app for Android

First, as it is the custom, I’ll quickly go over the main features that Light Alarm Clock offers:

  • Small size and low resource usage
  • Use either the screen or camera flash as a wake up light
  • Lets you setup repeat daily alarms
  • Configurable wake up light timer, light can start to turn on up to 60 minutes before the actual alarm goes on
  • Turns the light on gradually to simulate the Sun
  • Has vibration, increasing volume alarm (so that it wakes you up slowly), configurable alarm sounds

Light Alarm Clock is basically just like every other alarm clock app out there, with the exception that it also has wake up light functionality.

wake up light alarm clock app Android light alarm clock 1

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The first thing that you’re gonna see after running this app is the list of alarms that you’ve setup. It will be empty. Yours truly on the image above only has one alarm setup. I have 2 times written next to the alarm. One is the actual alarm clock time that I entered (4:50) and the other (4:15) is when the gradual wake up light will start to turn on. To add a new alarm tap on the plus button in the top right corner.

wake up light alarm clock app Android light alarm clock 2

When setting up the alarm you need to go through the usual setup, select the days of the week when the alarm is gonna be repeated, type out a description, configure the alarm sound and more.

wake up light alarm clock app Android light alarm clock 3

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Second set of options that you can tweak is what’s interesting to us, the wake up light options. Like I already mentioned, the app lets you use either the screen light or the camera flash as the wake up light. Note that it’s better to use the screen, seeing how the camera flash wasn’t designed to work for extended periods of time. If you use the screen, you’ll also be able to select the color in which the screen is lit up. Here the pre-alarm sound can also be setup. When you’re done, tap on Save in the top left corner and the alarm is gonna be setup.

Final thoughts and downloads

I used this app for a couple of days and I gotta say that it actually kinda helps out a bit. Of course that if you go to sleep 2-3 hours before waking up, it won’t help at all, you will still wake up groggy, but if you have a relatively decent night of sleep, and you still have problems parting with the bed due to shock, then this wake up light alarm clock app just might be the thing for you.

Download: Click Here


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