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By | December 6, 2014

It seems that recently I’ve been focusing a bit too much on Android apps and I’ve been neglecting the amazing world of desktop applications. Desktop apps are also cool, and they should not be ignored, even though it’s cool and hip to use smartphones and tablets for everything, there are still those of us who use desktops, if only a handful 🙂 . Today I decided to have a look at a lightweight image viewer for Windows that will help you take better control over your images.

Manage images with Imagine – a lightweight image viewer

1 - imagine lightweight image viewer windows main window

When I say it’s lightweight, you better believe that it’s lightweight, with just around 1MB in size and around 5MB of RAM usage. Before getting into the specifics of what Imagen has to offer, here’s a quick overview of its features:

  • Image manager: move, copy, delete, rename (app can rename only 1 image at a time)
  • Slideshows: control transition duration, image order, effects, looping and more
  • Allows you to create EXE (executables) and SCR (screenshot files) from created slideshows
  • Good format support: JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, CUR, TGA, EMF, PCX, FLI and more.
  • Supports RAW image formats: DNG, ORF, RAW, EGG,ERF, MRW, NEF and more.
  • Compressed archive management: also works with CAB, 7Z, CAB, RAR, ZIP TAR, ISO, ARJ, CBR, CBZ and more.
  • HDR (high dynamic range) format support: HDR, EXR, MXR, SXR, and more.
  • Batch image conversion: between all the previously mentioned formats.
  • Animation editor (GIF editor): gives you everything needed to create animations and edit existing animations, GIF, ANI, FLC, SPR and ICS.
  • Screen capture: create screen captures (images).
  • Lightweight and works with all versions of Windows starting with XP and ending with Windows 10 now.

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There are a couple of other features, but it would make a long list to mention them all, and I don’t want to bore you too much, if you’re not already bored. I’ll just stop here and let you discover what’s left by using the this lightweight image viewer. But, BUT, just so you don’t say I only gave you boring text to read, here’s a couple of pics of me using Imagen and yes more text, but you also get pics, okay? 😉

Batch image conversion with Imagen – lightweight image manager for Windows

I’m not gonna go over all the features that Imagine has, only those that I deem most interesting and useful, starting with batch image conversion.

2 - imagine lightweight image viewer windows batch image conversion

I take it you understand the basics of image viewers, like navigating the file browser, opening image folders and selecting images. I already did that on the image above and I also selected Tools >> Batch Image Conversion and the small window which can be seen on the image above popped up. Here I can additionally select images, select the output file type and configure quality settings, select the output directory. Lastly here you can also configure additional changes that are going to be made to images during conversion. Batch edits like vertical/horizontal flips, grayscale/negative adjustments, color depth adjustments, resizing and filtering are available.

Creating and editing animated images using Animation Factory – the built-in animation editor

Second very interesting feature of Imagine that I’m gonna cover is the animation editor, which lets you both create and edit image animations.

3 - imagine lightweight image viewer windows animation editor

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To create an image animation, again use the image browser to select the images that you want to use as frames, and after doing that select Tools >> Animation Factory. A new window will pop-up with the selected images already loaded as frames. I have 8 images as frames on the image above. Tweak everything using the toolbars and the menu in the top left corner. Simple config is possible, like frame management (add, remove, change order), time in between frames, color adjustments, looping, etc. Existing animations, like GIF images, can be opened and manipulated (frames extracted, removed, etc).

Create standalone image slideshow executables and screensavers

The third and last useful tool that Imagine has to offer is the slideshow tool, which can be accessed by selecting Tools >> Slideshow.

4 - imagine lightweight image viewer windows slideshow exe executable screensaver

Slideshow tool is interesting because it lets you play slideshows from the images that you select, but it doesn’t stop there. Slideshows that you setup by tweaking the background color, time in between slide changes and all the other options which can be seen on the image above can be “exported”, or in other words saved as either a standalone executable or a Windows screensaver file, SCR file. Check the bottom left corner “Save as EXE/SCR” button.

Final thoughts and download links

Despite being a lightweight image viewer Imagine packs lots of useful features. I suggest that you give it a try if you think that the image viewer that you currently using is too bulky and complex for you. Try it out and make sure to tell me what you think in comments down below.

Download: Click Here


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