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By | November 2, 2014

Everybody seems to be going crazy about the upcoming Android version 5 which has been codenamed Lollipop. To apparently decrease the number of seconds it takes to say the name of this new version of Android people have shortened its name, so it’s just Android L (insert decreasing attention span of the population joke here 🙂 ). This new version of Android brings a lot of interesting features, but the one feature that’s of a huge interest to people is the L lockscreen and the lockscreen notifications that it has. Today I’m gonna focus on that and talk about an L lockscreen app for older versions of Android, namely Jelly Bean and KitKat.

L lockscreen app – Lollipop lockscreen app for Android

The app in question is called Lollipop Lockscreen Android L. It has a very descriptive name. If you think that this can’t be the app name, that I’m lying, make sure to checkout the download link at the bottom of this article. 🙂 .

l lockscreen app android jelly bean kitkat 1

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First I’m gonna go over the list of the most interesting features of this L lockscreen app, for all those who can’t be bothered reading through a lot of text and are only interested in knowing why they should get this app. Lollipop Lockscreen Android L:

  • Is small in size: it will take up 3MB of space
  • Has shortcuts to the phone app and camera app
  • Let’s you setup unlock security measures
  • View notifications directly from the lockscreen
  • Allows you to change the lockscreen background
  • Lightweight and supports older Android versions

A whole lot of other interesting features are available. For example you can block lockscreen notifications from certain apps, like Facebook. You also get the usual media player lockscreen integration, where controls of the currently running (playing) media player are showed.

Locking the screen, reading notifications

This L lockscreen app will require you to give it permission to change the lockscreen and access notifications (it’s done in accessibility if I’m not mistaken).

l lockscreen app android jelly bean kitkat 2

When it comes to functionality, the one that you are probably wondering about, lockscreen notifications, will be available by default, you don’t have to activate it additionally. What won’t be available right away are the security measures, for this you will need to open up the settings. You can either setup a pin number or the usual pattern to unlock the screen.

l lockscreen app android jelly bean kitkat 3

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To use one of the shortcuts in the bottom corners, tap on it and slide your fingers to the top. To just unlock the screen, tap on the lock icon in the middle of the screen and slide up. This new lockscreen basically involves a lot of sliding up. Settings can be accessed by tapping on the lockscreen icon. They are simple and straightforward.

Conclusions and download

Upgrades, updates and switches to the latest and greatest versions of software don’t always end up great. If you’re not too eager to switch to Android L but you’d like to have Android L lockscreen on Jelly Bean, for example, then definitely give Lollipop Lockscreen Android L a try. It’s lightweight, highly configurable and has all the great new updates that the default lockscreen found in Android L will have.

Download: Click Here


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