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By | November 24, 2014

Everybody is familiar with Flappy Bird, right? If you never heard about that particular combination of words, Flappy Bird, you really need to ask yourself some serious questions. Questions like where have I gone wrong in life not to know about Flappy Bird. I mean the game caused people to throw their phones and tablets into walls. That immediately qualifies it as a game that everyone should be familiar with. Sadly it’s no longer available, it was too popular and similar to another very popular game, so it was pulled down. Luckily we now have Flappy Fish, which is a great Flappy Bird alternative app for Android.

Play Flappy Fish – free Flappy Bird alternative app

In Flappy Fish, instead of a bird we get to control a flapping fish, duh, 🙂 . Game is somewhat smaller in size, just a couple of MB north of 10MB, so you won’t need to sacrifice a lot of storage to enjoy Flappy Fish.

flappy bird alternativer app for Android flappy fish menu

Menu is simple and in no way does it give hints of the horrors that wait for you once you tap on the Start button. Under the Scores button you’ll be able to keep track of best scores that you’ve managed to pull off.

flappy bird alternativer app for Android flappy fish instructions

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Before the game starts, you will be greeted with instructions on how to play. It boils down to tapping on the screen. The more times you tap, the higher the fish goes. Stop tapping and the fish starts falling down. Controls are very similar to the controls of Flappy Bird.

flappy bird alternativer app for Android flappy fish playing game

Game can only be played in vertical mode, it won’t rotate the screen horizontally. Goal of the game is of course to guide the fish through the slit in the row of pipes for as long as you can. Touch the pipe and you’re dead. Look at me telling you how Flappy Bird was played, and we already covered that everybody know about Flappy Bird.

flappy bird alternativer app for Android flappy fish results

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Now here’s a sight that you’ll be seeing a lot while playing Flappy Fish. This is the game over screen. You should strive to have the best score as high as you can. I played for some time and managed to get to 8. You will hopefully have more luck. Tell me how you did in comments down below.

Final thoughts and downloads

So that it doesn’t seen as though I only have good things to say about this Flappy Bird alternative app for Android, here are some criticisms. Ads are present and they can be slightly annoying at times. For example when you tap thinking you tapped on a menu, but in the meantime an add pops up and you tap the ad. That kinda sucks. Flappy Fish is also a bit too big, 13MB could have been slashed to around 5, leaving people more of their storage free. Other than that, everything is OK if you ask me. Great Flappy Bird alternative, very fun, and playable.

Download: Click Here


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