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By | October 28, 2014

A lot of us are nostalgic about the old times, how things were much more simpler in the past. For this reason we are looking for ways how to introduce the past into the modern way of life and everyday gizmos that make our life easier. Rotary dialers are a very important pieces of our past. Good news is that if you are a fan of rotary dialers you can enjoy in them once again on your Android powered smartphone by installing a rotary dialer app, which is what I’m gonna be talk about today.

A rotary dialer app for Android – Slick Rotary Dialer

First things first, we’re gonna go over the list of features that this retro dialer app has. Slick Rotary Dialer gives you:

  • Lightweight: it’s less than a 3 MB in size
  • Has a full-fledged dialer with rotation effects
  • Sound effects present when dialer is rotating
  • Free, from both a price tag and ads

Even though Slick Rotary Dialer doesn’t have ads and it’s free, there is a paid version of this rotary dialer app which lets you change the interface themes. To get different themes and to support the developer just look up the pro version of the app.

So how does it work then. Well it works just like an actual rotary dialer phone, expect it’s designed for the touchscreen.

rotary dialer app android slick rotary dialer

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Tap and hold down the tap on the number that you want to dial. While the tap is pressed start turning the dialer to the right. Move it all the way to the right and the number is gonna be added to the display above the dialer. When you’re finished dialing the number, tap on the Call button all the way at the button of the screen. This will automatically call the number you dialed using the native dialer app. Del button is there for when a mistake is made when dialing a number, duh. 🙂 .

Final thoughts and conclusions

What is there to say about Slick Rotary Dialer except that it’s a simple app, without a lot of advanced features. Everything that you’ll ever need to casually enjoy in a rotary dialer on your Android phone can be had with Slick Rotary Dialer. Install it, test it out and tell me what you think in comments down below.

Download: Click Here


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