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By | September 6, 2014

Knowing where exactly in search results (Google search results that is) your website is located for a particular keyword or keyphrase is something that a lot of webmasters would like to know. Those of you who up until now checked it manually will be pleased to know that there’s actually a free tool, a free Google search ranking checker that can check website ranking automatically, for up to 10 keywords of keyphrases at a time.

Google search ranking checker tool by SERPLab

What I’m gonna be talking about today is a free tool offered by SERPLab. I came across this tool completely by accident when reading comments and I’m surprised that more people aren’t talking about it because it’s one of the more useful tools out there. So how does it work? In short it takes up to 10 keywords (or keyphrases), it takes the URL of your website and then using magic it goes through the first 300 Google search results checking to see if your website is mentioned there.

google search ranking checker tool serplab settings

On the image above you can see results of a search ranking check that I ran for this site, my own pride and joy. Little bit further down below you can also find a video of me showing how this ranking checker works. Out of the 5 keyphrases that I typed in for three of them I’m actually in the top 300, for some even in top 10, crack open the champaign. 🙂

Aren’t Webmaster Tools offering the same thing?

Most of you probably know that we can check how we rank for keywords using Webmaster Tools. Keyword ranking list for keywords found on our websites can be accessed from Search Traffic >> Search Queries. The problem with Webmaster Tools is that it doesn’t allow you to check for keywords or keyphrases that you want to check. If you’re trying to rank for a certain keyphrase and nobody either searched for it or no one reached far enough through search results for an impression to count it won’t be detected by WT. Search ranking checker tool by SERPLab doesn’t have these types of problems.

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What then makes the search ranking checker by SERPLab different from Webmaster Tools then?

It’s different in that you can type in any keyword or keyphrase that you want and check how your website ranks for that keyword. Here’s a short overview of features available in this Google search ranking checker tool:

  • Allows you to check your websites search engine ranking
  • Supports several dozens of countries (country target)
  • Up to 10 keywords or keyphrases can be checked at once
  • Allows you to type in unique keyphrases for web search
  • It will scan first 300 results in Google (30 pages)
  • Completely free, with a paid option for automated checks
  • How to check search engine ranking with SERPLab search engine checker

    I wrote a lot of text up until now, which is boring, so instead of writing more text explaining how to check Google search engine ranking with SERPLabs tool, I decided to create a video, and here it is:

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    Hope you like it. If you can’t be bothered with watching a video for some reason, here’s a quick snapshot of how my settings looked like for the search ranking results showed on the first image from the top.

    google search ranking checker tool serplab showing results

    It’s easy and relatively straight forwards. To add 5 additional keywords just click on the add more keywords button.

    Conclusion and links

    Search engine ranking checker tool by SERPLab is a great addition to Webmaster Tools. It’s easy to use and it’s free, which is kinda surprising to me. It will save you a lot of time that you would normally spend manually checking Google to see how your website ranks for a particular keyphrase. Check it out by following the link down below and let me know what you think in comments down below.

    Homepage: Click Here


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