3D Pacman Remake For Android – Droman 3D

By | August 23, 2014

I like playing modern remakes of older games and for this reason today I’m gonna have a look at one such game for Android called Droman 3D. Behind this weird name hides a modern 3D Pacman remake for Android. Pacman needs no introductions, at least I hope it doesn’t because if it does you should really think about all the wrong choices you made in your life that made you unfamiliar with Pacman, :). Pacman 3D sounds tempting because Pacman is originally a 2D game. Will this Pacman 3D for Android be worthy of it’s 2D predecessor?

Play Pacman 3D with Droman 3D – 3D Pacman remake for Android

Droman 3D is a relatively small game, just 12MB, which immediately led me to believe that the game won’t be any good. As soon as the main menu of the game popped up, simplicity of the game could be seen.

droman 3d pacman remake android 1

More famous games have over-bloated menus where you need 5 minutes to understand all the options that’re offered (i’m looking at you Asphalt 8). Droman 3D on the other had has just 1 button, the Play button. This Pacman 3D remake for Android makes things a bit too simplistic, but to tell you the truth, I’ll take a lonely Play button over more complicated menus offered by other games any day of the week, but that’s just me.

droman 3d pacman remake android 2

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Gameplay is a bit unsuual to tell you the truth. You don’t get the birds eye view when playing the game. This is a third person shooter type of gameplay where you control Pacman, pardon me, Droman using the blue and red gamepads which can be seen on each side of the screen down below.

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Left gamepad controls movement, while the right one direction. Each level requires you to collect stars, 100 of them, and of course to avoid ghosts that are roaming around throughout the maze. Here I have to admit that playing is the game is a bit unusual, graphics flicker (when they’re redrawn) a lot and controls aren’t the best, but you can get used to it all.

Other annoying things about this game include a misspelling of the word retry. It’s spelled “Rety”, which does eats away your soul a bit.

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Final thoughts and downloads

Heh, what to say. To answer my question from the start of this review, is this a worthy successor of Pacman, is this a viable Pacman 3D app for Android? No, I don’t think it is. I get the impression that the game still needs to be fine tuned, graphics and controls in particular, but even with these flaws, Droman 3D can be used as a bridge until a better version of the Pacman 3D app for Android comes out. Or has it already? Leave comments down below with your suggestions and opinions.

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