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By | April 23, 2014

One of the things that’s surely gonna kill your Android phone or tablet is installing a lot of apps on it. Installing app after app is something that I do so you can take it from me that if you install a lot of them, especially those that run various services in the background, then your device will slow down. For those who do this kind of thing, it’s a good idea to go through the list of installed apps from time to time and remove the ones you don’t use. To remove apps you could use the stock Android app manager, but if you’re removing a lot of apps, you might want to switch and use a mass app uninstaller instead, so that you can automate app removal, at least a little bit.

How to remove multiple apps in a row on Android with Uninstaller

Today I’m gonna talk about Uninstaller, a mass app uninstaller for Android which allows you to delete, wait for it, several apps at once, in case it hasn’t been clear up until now. 🙂 Uninstaller lets you select practically unlimited number of apps, but sadly or luckily there’s no such thing as unlimited when it comes to storage. You just need to select the apps you want to see gone and then when you tap on the Uninstall button all of them are gonna be deleted, one after another.

android mass app uninstaller main menu

After running Uninstaller, the first and pretty much the only thing that you’re gonna see is the list of installed apps, the ones that currently reside on your device, see image above. App sorting can be changed by tapping on the top right corner settings menu. From there you can also access settings, duh! 😀 To quickly find the apps you want to see removed there’s also a find tool available in the top right corner that you can use (tap the magnifying glass icon to use it).

android mass app uninstaller selected apps

To select apps from the list you just have to tap on their name. Once that you’ve done that the color of their name should change to yellow, indicating that the app is selected for removal. When you’re finished selecting the apps that you want to see removed, just tap on the Uninstall Selected Apps button at the top of the list.

android mass app uninstaller uninstall process

Doing that will activate the app removal process. Apps are removed one by one, not all at once, and you’ll have to confirm each app that you want to see removed individually. Once that all the apps are uninstalled, this mass app uninstaller returns you back to the main list of apps which will now hopefully be shorter for all the apps that you removed.

Final thoughts and download

Uninstaller won’t completely automate app removal, but it will help speed things along by letting you select multiple apps to be removed at once. It’s definitely an improvement over the stock Android app manager. If you don’t agree and have alternatives mass app uninstaller suggestions, leave a comment down below.

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