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By | April 10, 2014

Forgetting a grocery list item or two or three or more of them is something that happens probably a million times a day, to a lot of people, which is a shame because most of us these days have smartphones and we should know better. What am I talking about exactly? Well I’m talking about is a shopping list app that you can use instead of forgetting your groceries. There’s a lot of apps of this type available in the Play Store, so we’re gonna start from the very top of the list with one that’s called Shopping List.

Keep grocery list on Android with Shopping List – free Android shopping list app

Shopping List is a very small app, just a couple of MB in size. Small size makes it perfect for devices that are low of disk space.

1 - shopping list app buy list android main menu

Simplicity of this shopping list app for Android can be seen from the get go. First thing that you’re gonna see is an empty Buy list, where shopping lists can be created. Multiple shopping lists can be managed at once.

2 - shopping list app buy list android items

Once that the shopping list is created, open it and start adding items to it by clicking on the Add product input field, the one that can be seen just above the shopping list.

3 - shopping list app buy list android adding item

Doing that opens up the “Add products” screen where you can configure things like the quantity of a certain product (how much of it needs to be purchased, pieces, kilograms, liters), expected price (to keep track of the shopping cost), category of the product, etc. When you’re done setting up the product, click on the plus sign to finish the setup and actually add the product to the list.

4 - shopping list app buy list android item added

We can now see the added product back on the main shopping list, the one that was created in the first step. Notice that the total cost of the shopping list was calculated in the bottom left corner.

5 - shopping list app buy list android voice recognition

Another very useful feature of this shopping list app is voice recognition, which can be used to easily add items to the shopping list by simply shouting at your phone, or tablet. Items are recognized properly. Scream “bread” and you should see bread added to your list. 🙂

Shopping list features recap:

  • Supports multiple shopping lists
  • Allows you to sort items into categories
  • Several different world currencies supported
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Control via voice recognition
  • Final thoughts and download

    Using this shopping list app is very easy and the app is also very small in size. It’s just shy of 3MB which makes it perfect if you phone doesn’t have a lot of storage left. Let’s not forget that with this app, you will also be able to keep track of your grocery list, so that nothing is forgotten. Try it and let me know how it went in the comments down below.

    Download: Click Here


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