Pocket Auctions For eBay – A Free eBay Android Client App

By | April 17, 2014

I’m starting to think that I might be obsessed with eBay, just a little bit, because I’ve been spending awful lot of time over there. I’m not actually buying stuff, because I’m broke most of the time, but being broke doesn’t stop me from making lists of items that I’m gonna buy once that I have some cash at hand. The fact that I installed an eBay Android client app onto my tablet just confirms my doubts that I need to seek help, but before I do that, I’ll a write an app review, because who needs health when you can write.

Pocket Auctions for eBay – free eBay Android client app

Yes I know that there’s an official eBay app that’s created and released by eBay itself, but like it was the case with Acrobat Reader before, I actually like using Pocket Auctions more.

pocket auctions ebay android client app main menu

Despite having “auctions” in its name Pocket Auctions doesn’t just stop at auction management. As you can see from the main menu screencap above, it supports practically everything that eBay has to offer. Here’s a quick overview of available features and functionality:

Available features:

  • Account management – login and manage your eBay account (full access to My eBay)
  • Messaging – check and reply to eBay messages from Android
  • Barcode scanner for performing quick eBay searches of scanned barcodes
  • Supports both auctions and buy it now type of sales
  • Bidding timers and notifications about auctions that are ending soon
  • eBay search – quickly search through eBay for items that you’re interested in
  • Manage eBay accounts on Android with Pocket Auctions

    A tap on the My eBay button from the main menu is all it takes for you to start managing your eBay account with this lightweight eBay Android client app.

    pocket auctions ebay android client app logging in account

    When logging in for the first time, you’ll have to accept the terms and conditions. After that type in your user ID and password and you’re ready to manage your account, it’s that simple.

    Keep tabs of popular products by checking popular searches and watchlist additions

    By selecting the Popular button from the main menu you should see a list of popular search terms on eBay.

    pocket auctions ebay android client app popular searches watched items

    Don’t forget to switch over to the Most Watched Items tab if you want this eBay Android client to tell you which items are currently being added to the watchlist the most.

    Let’s not forget about the deals

    Deals can save you a lot of money, and that’s why you should never forget to check all the currently active deals. This might be my eBay addiction that’s doing the talking, but every cent that you save when buying slightly more important things like a new dishwasher, helps.

    pocket auctions ebay android client app active deals

    To access deals in Pocket Auctions, simply tap on the Deals option from the main menu and you’ll be brought to the full list of currently active deal.

    Search eBay and find what you’re looking for more easily

    I saved the best for last. Searching eBay is something that I like to do the most, that’s what my obsession is.

    pocket auctions ebay android client app searching search

    Pocket Auctions for eBay lets you casually browse through all the available eBay deals in just a few screen taps. Select the Search option from the main menu, type in the product name and the adventure begins. Make sure to use the tabs at the top and the Refine button to narrow in on the product that you’re interested more easily.

    Final thoughts and download

    All in all, Pocket Auctions has an interesting and very useful set of functionalities. Over a million downloads from the Play Store confirms that. Try it out and let me know how it went in the comments down below.

    Download: Click Here


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