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By | March 30, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I’m not very impressed with Adobe Reader for Android. App works great and all, but for example I seem to remember that when I was reading PDF files which were composed of images if I wanted to zoom in on text (because there was a lot of white space around it) if I wanted to read the document zoomed in, I remember that it wasn’t easy to scroll through it while keeping focus on text (scrolling went left and right, losing focus from the text). It’s an unusual problem I know, but luckily today I came across PDF Viewer, which is a free PDF reader app for Android and let me tell you, it’s amazing, a worthy Acrobat alternative.

How to read PDFs on Android more easily with PDF Viewer, a free Acrobat alternative

free PDF reader app android adobe acrobat alternative bookshelf 1

Just like Acrobat Reader PDF Viewer also allows you to not just read PDF documents, but also to manage them. When you first run this free PDF reader, you’ll be able to browse or search for PDF files that you have stored on your Android device. Selected files are gonna be added to your bookshelf, literally your bookshelf, see image above.

free PDF reader app android adobe acrobat alternative opening files 2

On the bookshelf image from the top in the top right corner you can see a magnifying glass icon and a folder icon. These will open up a search tool or a file browser, respectively. File browser can be seen in action on the image above, and the search tool on the one down below.

free PDF reader app android adobe acrobat alternative searching 3

Use either one of them to load and open PDF files that you would like to read. As soon as you open up a PDF document this free PDF reader app adds it to the “Recent” homepage, the bookshelf that can be seen on the first image from the top. Search results are also showed as a bookshelf.

What exactly does PDF Viewer has to offer?

I said that PDF Viewer is a great Adobe Acrobat alternative for Android, but to tell you the truth I don’t think I explored all the options that Acrobat has, but that still doesn’t change the fact that PDF Viewer is a great alternative to it. 🙂

free PDF reader app android adobe acrobat alternative options controls 4

Just to be on the safe side, I’m gonna list all the cool features that PDF Viewer has and let you be the judge in the comments down below if PDF Viewer really is a good alternative to Acrobat. So what does it have to offer?

  • Small size – it’s less than 4 MB in size
  • PDF browser – built-in file manager for finding files
  • Search tool – if you have a lot of files find them easily with a find tool
  • Nice user interface – imitates a bookshelf
  • Fullscreen mode – allows you to open up selected PDF file in fullscreen
  • Allows you to force either portrait or landscape document orientation
  • Day/night modes for easier reading for different parts of the day
  • Page splitting
  • Page cropping
  • The last two features, actually just the last one is the one that helped me with the situation that I described in the introduction. By using the crop tool I was able to cut out the white space around the text of the PDF document that I was reading. Cutting out white space made the document much more easier to read. Note that these aren’t all the features. A lot of other things wait to be discovered if you decide to switch to PDF Viewer.

    Final thoughts and download links

    PDF Viewer is free, so there’s not harm in trying it out. You’ll love it, I’m sure, so I beg you to give it a try. 🙂 Features that it has are impressive, especially the page cropping, with which I’m apparently obsessed since I can’t stop talking about it 😀 . Here’s a download link. Install it and let me know what you think, Is PDF Viewer a worthy Acrobat alternative? Am I missing something?

    Download: Click Here


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