Kill Zombies In Zombie Carnage: Angry Birds Zombie Clone

By | March 19, 2014

Playing zombie games is a lot of fun. Evidence for that can be found in dozens of zombie killing games that have been released in the recent years. Not only that we have a lot of games, but also a lot of zombie movies and TV shows. Angry Birds is another planetary popular game. It would then make sense that when these two are combined, zombie games and Angry Birds that the end product would be super-uber-duper fun thing to play. Are you interested in this type of mutant? You’re in luck because there’s a game in the Google Play store that goes by the name Zombie Carnage, and it’s an Angry Birds zombie clone where instead of shooting at pigs with birds, you’re shooting at zombies with chainsaws, fun, right?

zombie carnage angry birds zombie clone main menu

Game starts off the usual, you’re gonna see a menu with all the standard options like settings, free coins, sign in for Google+ and everything else that modern games these days are offering to the user. Center stage of the menu is the level selector. Did I mention that the game takes place underground, in the sewers? I don’t think I did. Well now you know and your life is complete, 😀 . In order to start a game, you’re gonna have to tap on the play button.

zombie carnage angry birds zombie clone selecting level

Doing that leads you to the level selector. Notice how all of this is very similar to Angry Birds? I told you that this is a Angry Birds zombie clone, I strictly remember me saying it, or should I say typing it. In the very first group of levels, or should I say “tunnels” (look at the first image from the top) you’ll get 90 of them, but there are more of them for you to go through once you’re done with these 90.

zombie carnage angry birds zombie clone first level

After you’ve selected a level, carnage begins. You can see the very first level of this zombie killing app on the image above. So how is the game played exactly? Well notice those chainsaws in the top left corner? You get 5 chainsaws. With these 5 chainsaws you need to kill all the zombies that you see on the right. Tap and hold on the currently loaded chainsaw and aim it at the row of zombie heads on the right. Once you release the chainsaw, it’s gonna mow down the zombies. The key is to aim the chainsaw properly so that as many or possible all the zombies are killed off at once.

zombie carnage angry birds zombie clone boosts

As you progress through the game, Zombie Carnage offers you level ups, which help you increase accuracy, speed, length of time that the released chainsaw is gonna be mushing on zombie heads, etc. Each new level of this Angry Birds zombie clone is of course more difficult.

zombie carnage angry birds zombie clone levels playing game

Here you can now see a slightly more complicated level where you’re gonna need more skill in order to bring down all the zombie heads. Chainsaw can bounce off of the level elements. Make sure that you use bouncing to your advantage when playing the game.

Final thoughts and download

Zombie Carnage is a great zombie killing app and a Angry Birds zombie clone. It nicely brings components of Angry Birds and zombie killing into a very fun mutant game. I suggest that you give it a try if you’re into zombies and Angry Birds. It also brings a lot of its own functionality for some extra fun.

Download: Click Here


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