Free Android Math Learning Game For Kids – Zeus vs. Monsters

By | March 4, 2014

Even though it’s one of the most disliked subjects ever, math is very important and you need to have at least some basic understanding of it if you want to get ahead in the world. The trick to get your kids to learn and practice math or any subject for that matter is to make it fun. Zeus vs. Monsters is a free android math learning game (even though you might not come to that conclusion from its name) that does just that. It’s free and a good “hail Marry” way of how you can get your kids to learn math when they’re unwilling to cooperate.

free android math learning game zeus vs. monsters main menu

We’re gonna start off the review the usual way, by giving you a screenshot of the main menu and some basic info about this free android math learning game. Zeus vs. Monsters is around 20MB in size and it uses ancient Greek gods in order to help kids learn basic mathematical operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You can play the game as either Zeus or Athena (that’s what the Heroes tab is for). “For Educators” tab opens up performance overview where you can check how much progress through the levels was made playing the game. This tab should be used by parents to check on the progress that their kids are doing.

free android math learning game zeus vs. monsters selecting operation

After you click on the play button, the one in the middle of the interface, game setup starts. First the type of mathematical operation that’s gonna be practiced has to be set. Each operation allows you to set a difficulty level in the form of numbers from 0-10, 0-20, etc. For every one of the difficulties this free android math learning game has dozens of levels, see image down below.

free android math learning game zeus vs. monsters selecting level

Each one of the dots on the map represents a level. They all have to be solved so that the next difficulty level is unlocked. Tap on a level number, starting with 1 of course, and the game should start.

free android math learning game zeus vs. monsters playing game learning

So how does the game work? We played Zeus vs. Monsters as Zeus, that’s us on the left of the image above. Down below at the bottom of the interface you’ll see a stone plaque with a math question and three possible solutions. Enemies are coming in from the right. Every time that the correct answer has been give, lightning will smite down the incoming enemy. If the answer isn’t correct, enemies will come closer.

If you don’t know the answer for several questions in a row, then you’re in trouble, the same way that you would be in trouble on a math test, 😉 . If the player wants to get to the next level, all the questions have to be answered correctly. Zeuse vs. Monsters is a very fun math learning game and like I said, it’s a good way how you can try and sneak pass math practice to kids which are allergic to math. If you have an Android phone, go for it and see what happens.

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