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By | March 9, 2014

A few months ago, although it seems like a few years ago, I wrote about a free website performance checker that you can use to test in great detail how fast your website opens up to your visitors. Remember that website load speed is important for SEO. If your website loads slowly, visitors will leave because people just aren’t interested in slow loading websites.

Visitors leaving means that bounce rates will go up and because of that your search engine rankings go down. Today we’re gonna be talking about a similar tool for website performance testing called which you can use to analyze not just the current website load speed, but you can also use it to view website load speed history, in other words, to check how you website loads not just now, but also how it loaded in the past.

200please historical website performance tracker track history load time

How to check website load speed history with

Website speed test actually has several useful tools. First I’m gonna talk about a global website performance tester which checks website load speed using servers located in different parts of the world. This is done so that you can see how your website loads to visitors from either the east coast of the US, west coast of the US, Singapore, Sydney, Japan, Netherlands, Ireland or Brazil (these are the parts of the world from which can test your website).

200please historical website performance tracker track history load time countries

Some of the nodes might not be available at times, but they should come back online very quickly. Test reports back DNS speed, response times and page size. Results are also color coded. Good results are green, so-so results yellow and bad results are of course red.

Website load speed history

The website load speed history can be accessed by clicking on the Historical performance link from the previously mentioned website speed test.

200please historical website performance tracker track history load speed history sends out its own crawlers, in other words robots, that scour the web, and instead of collecting info for search engine results, which is what search engine crawlers do, 200please crawlers collect data on website load speed. Notice that the results for my website only go back about 6 months.

Your website might not have a load speed history to show, especially if its new. Keep in mind that 200please is also a relatively new web service, so that’s another reason why it doesn’t have results to show for longer periods of time. Good news is that you can submit your website if you want 200please crawlers to visit and keep metrics for your website.

To check up website load speed history for your website, click on the link down below, type in your domain name and wait for the results to come up. Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas about website load speed and performance checking in the comments down below.

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