How To Check If Nvidia Is Working After Installing Bumblebee On Linux

By | March 6, 2014

Linux section of the site is another thing that I’ve been neglecting as of late and because of that today we’re gonna be talking about Linux. Topic of the article might be a bit simplistic, but I’m gonna share it with the world anyway. Recently when I was trying to setup Linux Mint on my new Lenovo laptop I discovered that in order to have a properly functioning graphics drivers I have to install something called Bumblebee because apparently my laptop has Optimus graphics which is a fancy way of saying that I have both Intel graphics built into the processor and a discrete Nvidia card.

How to check if Nivida drivers are running after installing Bumblebee

check optimus bumblebee working install nvidia driver

Since I was using Linux Mint, I knew that I had a very useful little command line application installed called inxi. I talked about inxi before, it’s basically a system information script that spews out a truckload of info about the system. One command in particular that’s important for the purpose of this article would be:

inxi -Gx

You can see the output of this command on the image above. What it does is it checks what kind of graphics hardware you have on your computer and what’s more important it reports back info on the graphics driver that you’re currently using.

optirun inxi -Gx

If you followed the official installation guide for Bumblebee on the wiki site of any major Linux distro you probably know what optirun command before inxi command does. It will run whichever application or script you’re running using the discrete Nvidia card/driver, not the built-in Intel HD graphics (IntelHD + Nvdia is the combo that my system has).

Unfortunately I no longer have a working installation of Linux on my Lenovo laptop to show you a screenshot of the output with “optirun”, but let’s just say that if everything was properly configured during Bumblebee installation, instead of seeing Intel HD as your graphics card, inxi should report back that you’re using Nvidia card and driver instead. To sum up this command:

inxi -Gx

should report back that you’re using Intel HD graphics and whichever open source driver is available for your IntelHD card. This command on the other hand:

optirun inxi -Gx

will run the inxi script using the discrete Nvidia graphics card and driver, assuming of course that everything was installed properly.

All in all, it’s a very simple but useful little trick to see if you’re really using Nvidia drivers and if everything was properly setup after installing Bumblebee. If you haven’t heard about inxi, you can read more info about it by clicking on the more info link down below. Leave your suggestions and critiques in the comments down below.

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