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By | February 3, 2014

Despite what you might have heard on various TV commercials and online ads, there’s nothing better that you can do to lose weight than to eat less, eat healthy and lets not forget about physical activity. To do any of these three you will probably need help, tools and advice. Today I’m gonna try and help you out by talking about a great Android interval timer app that goes by the name A HIIT Interval Timer. An interval timer app can help you out when you’re exercising by allowing you to plan your workouts more efficiently.

1 android interval timer app A HIIT Interval Timer main window sets

Some of you might not know what this app is or can be used for. It’s basically a stopwatch which you can set so that it tells you when a particular exercise needs to be executed during workouts. Image above shows you the very first thing that you’re gonna see after starting the app, set list.

2 android interval timer app A HIIT Interval Timer main window workout

Here you now see list of workouts, that’s the second tab. Difference between workouts and sets is that a workout is more complex. It’s actually composed from several sets, duh, 😀 . Before you’ll be able to perform workouts with HIIT you have to add either a set or a workout to the list. Alternatively you can just use examples first to see how everything works with this Android interval timer app before you starting adding your own sets and workouts.

3 android interval timer app A HIIT Interval Timer adding  workout

To start adding sets and/or workouts to the list, you just need to click on that giant plus icon which can be seen at both the Sets and Workouts tab. On the image above you can see that we’re developing our very own workout. Type in set name, actions, duration period for each of the action, etc.

4 android interval timer app A HIIT Interval Timer workout interval

To run a set or a workout, you just need to click on the green running man icon next to their name, see the first two images from the top. Interval timer should start right away.

5 android interval timer app A HIIT Interval Timer workout active

This free Android interval app will go through each of the actions that you’ve added for a given set or workout. Don’t forget to add resting periods when planning a set or a workout. Once that you have configured everything, the only thing that you need to do after that is stick to the workouts that you’ve developed, repeat them frequently and stay motivated. Doing workouts and exercises regularly can only help with your weight loss plans. Try A HIIT Interval Timer and let me know how it went in the comment section down below. You can also suggest an interval timer app for Android if you have something better that you’re using.

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