How To Add YouTube Subscribe Box To WordPress

By | February 11, 2014

The most important thing that you need to do in order to increase traffic from social networks is to make sure that people who visit your website are able to like, share, subscribe and follow your websites social profiles. To do that, it’s of utmost importance that there are badges, like boxes and all the other social plugins for your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, etc, profiles, pages and channels. How else would people who visit your website be able to find you on social networks? Today I’m gonna share with you a simple method of how you can add a YouTube subscribe box to WordPress sidebar.

youtube add subscribe box wordpress sidebar

End result of what I’m talking about can be seen on the image above, and if I haven’t removed it, also in the sidebar on the right. Technically speaking this is a YouTube subscribe button, not a subscribe box, but you get the idea of what this does. Visitors who browse your website and see this button/box will be able to subscribe to your channel right from your website.

How to add YouTube subscribe button/box to WordPress sidebar

1. First thing that you need to do is go over to the Google Developers page and scroll down to the Configure a button section.

2. Type in the name of your channel or channel ID in the Channel Name box. Preview box on the right should change right away, see image above. You can customize the button layout, color, theme and turn off the subscriber count.

3. When you’re done setting everything up, copy the subscriber box code that’s given underneath the preview area.

4. Now login to your blogs admin dashboard and create a new Text widget.

youtube add subscribe box wordpress sidebar-6

Don’t forget that Text widget also supports HTML. Add a title for the newly created widget, ours was “Subscribe to our channel”, paste the code that you’ve copied inside the main widget area and hit Save.

youtube add subscribe box wordpress sidebar-7

Subscribe box should be visible right away. Open up your website and refresh it to be able to see the newly added Youtube subscribe box for your website. Now when someone browses your website, they’re gonna see the subscribe button and a link to your YouTube profile. Odds are good that one of your visitors clicks subscribe, or like or follow, depending on what kind of social plugins you’ve added to your website.

Final thoughts

What else is there to say except maybe that you don’t forget to do what we’ve done for our YouTube channel for every other social network profile that you have, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If your readers and visitors aren’t connecting with social profiles that your website has, you’re losing a lot of returning visitors that you can reach through posting updates on social network profiles.


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