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By | January 19, 2014

Even though it hasn’t been that long since the last time I gave a review of an Android mini golf game, today I decided to do another one. By decided I actually mean that I just installed the game because Google Play suggested it to me. Since winter is nowhere to be seen here where I’m at (I’m wearing a t-shirt when I should be freezing and playing in snow 🙁 ) I decided to go tropical with Beach Mini Golf. Beach Mini Golf is a free Android mini golf game that combines the tropics with mini golf, isn’t that cool?

beach mini golf android mini golf game free main menu

Just like Amazing Mini Golf 3D which I’ve talked about a few days ago, Beach Mini Golf has a simplistic feel to it, almost as if you’re playing an unfinished game or that the game was rushed when it was being made. Despite that the game is still very playable and enjoyable. The tropical theme can be seen right away from the main menu, see image above.

beach mini golf android mini golf game free select level

When you tap on the Play button from the main menu, you’re gonna be presented with a list of available levels. As you can see there’s 30 levels through which you can play.

beach mini golf android mini golf game free main menu level one

Each level is gonna be more difficult than the previous, with the first one, see image above, being the easiest of course. Entire game is just 20MB in size, which isn’t a lot considering that graphics look nice, even on higher resolutions.

beach mini golf android mini golf game free shooting play playing

Another similarity with Amazing Mini Golf 3D is that to aim the ball you need to swipe on the screen either left or right depending on in which direction you want to see the ball go. Now when it comes to setting the strength of the shot, things are a little bit different from Amazing Mini Golf. Here you need to tap on the power slider on the right and hold down the tap while increasing the power of the shot. When you’re satisfied with the strength, you can release the tap and the ball is gonna fly away.

beach mini golf android mini golf game free main menu level one

From that point on, the best thing that you can do is hope that the ball goes in. In case that it doesn’t, you’ll of course have to repeat the shot and aim better.

beach mini golf android mini golf game free second level

As you progress through the levels, they’re gonna get more complicated. Slightly annoying feature of this free Android mini golf game is that every time that you finish a level, you’re gonna have go back to the main menu and then start a new game with the next level selected, if you wanna move to it that is. On each level you get a score in the form of 1 or 3 stars. If you score a hole-in-one you get 3 stars. The more times you miss, the lower the number of stars that you get is gonna be, duh. 😀

Beach Mini Golf is a great app for everyone that’s interested in casual fun, something simple and relaxing. It’s gonna work even if you have an older phone, while at the same time offer to the player decent looking graphics. Try it out yourself and let me know what you think in the comment section down below.

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