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By | January 6, 2014

Even though it brought a whole heap of advantages to our everyday lives, Internet has also caused a lot of problems. Someone who seems to be fighting a loosing battle with the world wide web are parents, most of which are ill equipped to keep track of everything that their children are doing online. With desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and even gaming consoles being readily available to kids, all of which can be used to access online content, there’s just no way to keep track of it all, but MetaCert might be able to help.

How to blick harmful websites with MetaCert, a cross platform parental control software

cross platform parental control software metacert controls

MetaCert is a free cross platform parental control software which is available for Android, iPad and Chrome Browser. Apps and extensions can be easily installed from online stores and markets of the supported platforms. Next to having to install clients onto every device where you want parental control activated, you’re also gonna have to register an administrative account with the MetaCert website, from where you can manage which website are gonna be blocked.

cross platform parental control software metacert blocked website

Once that you have installed the client app and once that you’ve selected which websites are gonna be blocked, from inside the admin panel, next time that someone tries to visit a blocked website from a device where this free cross platform parental control software is installed, they’re gonna see the same thing that can be seen on the image above, the “This website has been blocked” message.

MetaCert prides itself with a database of over 700 million web location which it has in it’s index of “naughty websites”. All these websites are divided up into 24 categories for easier management of websites that you want to see blocked. With the help of categories you can for example only block social networks, adult content, gaming, forums, drugs or one of other 20 something categories that are available.

cross platform parental control software metacert chrome usage

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If you’ve installed MetaCert on Chrome, you’re gonna get a button for it in the top right corner. From there, just like from the admin panel, next to the standard Safe Browsing mode, which I was describing up until now, you can also select the Just For Kids mode where you can block all websites, except the ones that you’ve “whitelisted”. Activating the Just For Kids mode and adding websites to the list is very easy, check image above.

Impressions and download

With this free cross platform parental control software you can easily control what your children or you yourself is able to see when browsing the web. If you’re having problems with gambling for example, you can block access to gambling websites, all of them, and prevent yourself from getting into temptation. MetaCert is very easy to implement, comes with a big database of websites and it’s free. Try it and let me know how it went in the comment section down below.

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