Free Android Mini Golf Game – Amazing Mini Golf 3D

By | January 17, 2014

I can’t be entirely sure, but it seems to me that I’ve already talked about an Android golf app or two. Let me check, yep, I’ve covered Super Stickman 2 and Cup Cup Golf 3D up until now. Despite that, today, actually yesterday, I decided to try another Android mini golf game called Amazing Mini Golf 3D.

amazing mini golf 3d android mini golf game app main menu

Even though Amazing Mini Golf 3D is rather simplistic, you’re gonna have to spend 30 something MB of space on your Android powered device in order to install it. It’s big because graphics, once that you start playing the game, are actually pretty decent, decent but still simplistic, similar to the menu, which can be seen on the image above.

amazing mini golf 3d android mini golf game app intro camera

From the main menu you can see that there are 4 courses available. Each one of them has dozens of levels. Game starts once that you select a course. First the camera will give you an overview of the level by panning and zoning all around it. Something similar can be found in Neverball and Neverputt, Google them if you haven’t heard about these two by now.

amazing mini golf 3d android mini golf game app playing level one

Upon clicking on the Start button from the panning and zoning screen, you’ll start to actually play this Android mini golf game. G

amazing mini golf 3d android mini golf game app playing play second level

Gameplay is pretty straightforward and simple. You just need to aim the golf ball in the direction that you want it to go by swiping on the screen left and right. Once that you’ve aimed the ball, tap on that round thing in the bottom right corner. That’s gonna start filling the power bar on the left. When the power fills to the level that you want, press the button on the right again. Ball should be “putted” in the direction that you’ve set it and that’s it, oh yeah, keep your fingers crossed that the ball goes in. Amazing Mini Golf 3D is a very easy Android mini golf game, that’s perfect for a little bit of casual fun. Give it a try and let me know how it went in the comment section down below.

Download: Click Here


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