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By | January 5, 2014

I’ve talked about a couple of great darts games for Android before called Legends of Darts and Shooting Darts, so I thought why stop at just two and give other similar apps from the Play Store a try to see what they have to offer. This time experimentation paid off because I came across Smart Darts. Smart Darts is a free Android darts game, that has a very unique gameplay. This game, like pretty much every other Android game that’s tested by me is free and it actually only takes up 2MB of space which is another recurring theme for games tested by me, mostly because my tablet doesn’t have a lot of space for apps. 🙂

free android darts game smart darts main menu

Main menu of Smart Darts is very simple, without a lot of options apart the ones for starting a new game and accessing the Help and About pages.

free android darts game smart darts game setup

After tapping on the New Game button, you’re gonna be brought to the Game Options setup step where you can obviously set game options. Great thing about this free Android darts game is that it supports multiplayer games which means that you can play against a friend. In case that there aren’t any friends around, there’s always AI against which you can play. Game type by default is 301, but others are available of course and down below you can set the game difficulty.

free android darts game smarts darts game how

Now we get to the fun part, gameplay, 🙂 I already mentioned that gameplay is interesting, and the reason why it’s interesting is because your aim is determined by how good you are when swiping the screen of your Android phone. First things first, in order to by able to throw the darts you need to position the Bullseye on the board by tapping on it. Hold down the tap to position the Bullseye at the spot where you want to see the dart.

After that use the slider on the right and try to swipe as close to the green dot on the slider as possible. The closer you get to the green dot the greater the chances are to actually hit the desired spot. If you’re not close to the green dot when swiping, your’re gonna. miss the sport where you put the Bullseye on.

free android darts game smart darts scored points

This free Android darts game is a bit tricky to master, but don’t give up because it’s actually very easy. Once you get familiar with everything, you’ll be beating opponents in no time. Make sure to set the difficulty level to easy at first so that you don’t get discouraged thinking that it’s too hard to win. You don’t have to do this if you’re brave enough. 😛 . Smart Darts is playable, very playable, so if you’re looking for a darts game for Android that’s very light, fun and supports multiplayer, this is what you need.

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