How To Enable GTK Menu Icons When Running KDE

By | January 5, 2014

Using Linux is a lot of fun, but like with every other operating system that exists out there every now and then you come across a quirk which drives you crazy and you lose an entire day trying to figure out how to fix it. 🙂 One such quirk that we’re gonna be talking about today are missing GTK menu icons under KDE.

gimp missing icons gtk apps missing icons kde before

You can see the problem that I’m talking about on the image above. The app that I have open is GIMP and the OS that I’m using is Linux Mint 15, the KDE flavor of course. So what can be seen on the image above exactly? You might not know this, but GIMP is a GTK app, at least I think it is and notice how the drop down menu is missing the icons? Same thing happened to menus of all the other apps. Fix is very simple, and instead of typing it out, I’ve created a video for y’all. 🙂

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If you’re too lazy to watch it, to put a two minute video short, you just need to select the Main Menu in the bottom left corner, open up Settings >> System Settings. From the selection of settings that pops-up you’re gonna have to select Application Appearance and then once you’ve selected the GTK tab in the left sidebar put a check mark next to the “Show icons in GTK menus” option. You can also do the same thing to the “Show icons in GTK buttons” if you want to see icons inside buttons of GTK apps.

gimp missing icons gtk apps missing icons kde after

Well it looks like I’ve typed out the instructions after all, but that’s now those who love to watch videos and those who like to read will both be able to hopefully quickly find a fix for the missing GTK menu icons under GTK. Image above shows how that very same menu from the first image looks like after the incredibly complicated fix that I’ve shared here has been applied. 😉 If you have any other questions or comments, type them out down below. Cheers.


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