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By | October 24, 2013

Security and privacy seem to be a hard thing to come by these days. There’s all these scandals about various different governments which were involved in spying on their citizens, and when you take into consideration the scope of their spying one might come to a conclusion that there’s no point in trying to maintain privacy, at least when it comes to our online activities. Still, if you would like to give it a shot, let’s talk about Startpage, which is a great, secure search engine that focuses entirely on protecting user privacy and allows you to use Google anonymously.

Startpage secure search engine privacy private

You can visit Startpage by clicking on this link and when you do, you’re gonna see the same thing which can be seen on the image above, assuming they haven’t changed their design in the mean time. There’s additional controls at the top for accessing settings, changing language, etc. Basically the design of the interface has pretty much the same look and feel to that of any other search engine, it’s actually a bit outdated IMHO.

Notice the “enhanced by Google” words etched at the right side of the search field? Well those words are there because with Startpage you’re still gonna be using Google. This is for all those who were already starting to worry about the quality of the search results. What Startpage does it allows you to basically use Google anonymously.

How to use Google anonymously with Startpage: free secure search engine

When you perform a search using this free secure search engine, you’re gonna see the same search results that you would get with Google, only they’ll be fetched and displayed by Startpage. This means that Startpage is basically like a search engine proxy that allows you to use Google anonymously by fetching the search results from Google, without giving Google any information about you.

Startpage secure search engine privacy private results google anonymously

The key thing here is also that this free secure search engine does NOT record any logs of your search to either your account or cookie files. On top of that, notice the “View by IxQuick Proxy” option from within the search results where the red arrow points?

Clicking on that will open up the selected search results inside a proxy, so that your privacy isn’t disturbed not even the website that you visit. There’s also a bunch of additional features that are available, like for example you can list the search results chronologically and on top of image search, there’s also video search (top left corner), which allows you to search the web for videos from various different sources (YouTube, MySpace, Mojo24, etc).

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Those who love Google, but hate the fact that it stores a lot of information about the search activity will find that Startpage is just the thing they need. With Startpage, you can safely and securely use Google anonymously, without revealing any sensitive info about yourself.

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