Free Android Bowling Game: Crazy Bowling

By | October 26, 2013

Hello everyone, I’m back with yet another fun Android game. This time I’m gonna be talking about Crazy Bowling, which is a free Android bowling game. It’s very small in size, and much simpler to play. This makes it the complete opposite to other bowling apps that we talked about before, like for example 3D Bowling.

free android bowling game

Despite being very small in size, Crazy Bowling still has quite impressive graphics, especially when you take into account that we were playing it on a relatively large screen. Menu, the first thing that you’re gonna see when starting this free Android bowling game, is very simple, with just the one “Game Start” button. Click on that button in order to start a new game.

free android bowling game playing play

To start playing and knocking pins down you just have to be very good at picking the right time when to tap on the Push area in the bottom right corner of the screen. The little pin that can be seen in the middle of the dial will move back and forth all the time, and that allows you to aim the ball. Your goal is of course that you launch the ball in as much straighter line as possible, if you’re doing the initial break or in the direction where the remaining pins are located, if you have “left overs”, :).

free android bowling game bowl playing ball

The free Android bowling game that we talked about before, 3D Bowling, uses a swipe in order to launch the ball. This means that you had to swipe on the screen in the direction that you wanted to see the ball go. Crazy Bowling is much more simpler than that but it’s still a lot of fun and of course things get more difficult as you progress through the game.

Try to hit as much pins as possible and you’re gonna see move thorough the levels, discover various different new treats, but also keep in mind that things are gonna get more difficult as you’re get to new levels. Stay sharp and make sure that you launch the ball at precisely the right time, for “maximum damage”. This free game can be installed for free from the Google Play Store. Follow the links at the bottom and enjoy the game.

Download: Click Here


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