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By | September 25, 2013

Here on, I like to talk about various different unique situations that people come across during every day computer use. Today I’m gonna be talking about how to do something that you’ve undoubtedly thought about doing, and at some point even needed to do, regular expression file renaming. To rename files this way and manipulate them in a lot of other different ways I’m gonna use an application called File Attribute Changer.

File Attribute Changer default window

Not only that regular expressions file renaming is supported, but you can also change various other file attributes in bulk, like archive status, play around with settings and make the files hidden, read-only, a system file and so on. All these options can be seen all the way in the bottom right corner of the image above.

On top of the file attributes you can see the list of files and folders on your hard drive whose name you’d like to change. They can be added using either the Add file button or Add folder button from the top left corner.

Rename files and folders using regular expressions and File Attribute Changer

File Attribute Changer changing text

So the first thing that you would need to do is add all the files and folders that you’d like to rename to the list. You can do that by clicking on either the file icon or folder icon with the green plus from the top left corner quick access toolbar menu.

After you have added files and folders to the list, using the left sidebar you can set the Find what and Replace with fields in order to set the renaming patterns. Renaming patterns determine in what way file names of the files added to the list are gonna be changed. This is where can use regular expressions, but first you’re gonna have to activate them by clicking on Tools >> Options, see image down below.

File Attribute Changer activating regular expressions

Other options that you can change here include the case sensitive switcher, to turn on/off case sensitive file renaming, and also decide if you want the attribute changes to be applied to files only or also to folders. When you’re done with tweaking all the options, simply click on the save icon from the quick access toolbar and all the changes are gonna be written to the selected files and folders.

Impressions and download

If you need to rename files using regular expressions then this is definitely a tool to test out. It’s portable, which means that you don’t have to install it if you’re just interested in checking out how it works. It will rename your files easily and quickly. Let me know how it goes in the comment section down below.

Download: Click Here


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