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By | September 21, 2013

Android smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more popular and since Android is like any other operating system, practically every program that you use on your desktop or a laptop is also necessary on Android. App that I’m gonna be talking about today is aimed more at geeks and system tweakers, because in this article I’m doing a review of OS Monitor which is a free Android system monitor app. It can be used to check on currently running processes, active connections, system hardware information, logs and more.

android system monitor os monitor free

Monitoring is not the only thing that Monitor OS can be used for. Running processes to active connections can easily be killed by tapping on a process name or a connection name and holding down the tap. This will open up a pop-up window where you can kill and terminate the selected process, among other things. Interface of this free Android system monitor is very easy to use, you just have to navigate through the tabs at the top in order to check up on various system info.

Check system info and terminate processes on Android with Monitor OS – free Android system monitor

Monitor OS is very small, and doesn’t take up a lot of resources. Even if you’re not a geek, if you’re Android smartphone or tablet are working slow, you should install this app to check and see which process is hogging all the resources.

android system monitor os monitor connections free

Running processes can be viewed by tapping on the first tab, Process and I already covered how you can terminate a certain process, by tapping on it and holding down the tap. Move on to the next tab, Connections, and there you’ll be able to check on all the currently active connections on your Android phone or tablet. Sadly they cannot be killed or terminated like processes can.

android system monitor os other system info monitor free

The third tab, Misc tab, will show you various different system information. From uptime, battery condition, CPU, memory to info about the manufacturer of your device.. Misc tab is basically very similar to the CPU-Z system info app that we talked about a while back.

android system monitor os monitor log viewer free

Creators of Monitor OS have saved the best for last. Under the Message tab you will find a free system log viewer for Android. Here you can check up on various messages about the system, which services were activated and events triggered. You can even access the famous Linux log file dmesg, where practically everything that happed to the system is logged.

android system monitor os monitor export dmeg log free

All the information from log files can be exported to a text file. This is very useful if you’re having problems with your Android device and you’d need to send your tech body log files of your Android system for him or her to check what’s going on.

Download and impressions

Monitor OS is one of the most versatile Android system monitor apps that I’ve had the opportunity of using. Who knows, they may be something better out there, but until I try it out for myself, I’m officially declaring this a must have for any Android tweaker.

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