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By | September 21, 2013

Next to shotting pool, playing darts is one of the most popular ways how you can kill time and have a lot of fun at the same time. Darts are played in pretty much every more respectable bar, at least that’s how it should be. Now if your bar doesn’t have darts, but you’d still like to play, this free online darts game for Android that goes by the name of Legends Of Darts be used to still have some great fun with darts.

Playing darts online on Android with Legends Of Darts

android online darts main menu

To play online darts on your Android powered device, you’re gonna have to register an account from within the game. This will let you participate in the tournaments online and to play a random game of online darts with a friendly stranger. Don’t worry though, there’s also support for offline gaming, where you can play games against a computer and that way sharpen your sill. When you’re setting up a solo game, make sure that you click Friendly from the main menu and then that you follow all the steps that you’re being asked.

android online darts online game setup

When setting up a game you’ll be able to select between a 301 game mode or a 501 game mode, and also setup the terms and conditions for a win, how many rounds you’ll play before winning. Several other steps have to be setup in order to configure the game, just click on Continue button in the bottom right corner and eventually you’ll be ready to play darts.

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android online darts first shoot

Both you and other players, against whom you’d like to play, first have to register an account with the website (it’s easy) and after that you’re ready to login and start playing the game. Notice the light that can be seen at the bottom of the board? That dot first goes around the board all the time. You need to click AIM at the right time, when the dot is over a field that you’re aiming.

android online darts playing a game

Then the dot changes it’s behavior to doing movements across the board where you can actually aim at the filed within the board. Once you start playing you’ll see that everything’s actually very easy. Goal of the game is the same to the goal of actual darts, to bring down the number of points to zero before the other guy does it.

Impressions and download

Playing this free online darts game on Android is a lot of fun. The only thing that we noticed is that there aren’t that many players online to play with, but hopefully this will change in the future, as the game becomes more popular. Graphics are awesome in the free version, for HD graphics, you’ll have to upgrade to the full version, which also gives you various other advantages.

Download: Click Here


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