Alternative Easy Fix For Overscan Issues On Linux – Use VGA Out

By | September 19, 2013

Recently I wrote about how you can fix the TV overscan issue on Linux, which is a common problem when using the proprietary Nvidia driver and a low-end TV, the kind that I use. If you clicked on the link to the article, you probably noticed that there’s quite a number of steps included in this fix, so I decided to share an alternative solution that you can use in order to fix the overscan issue more easily.

VGA linux ubuntu nvidia overscan tv issue

How to easily fix the overscan issue on Linux when using the proprietary driver and TV out

Image above shows us what this fix is basically gonna be about. It’s an image of a standard 15 inch VGA connector and if you happen to have this type of output on your graphics card, then you should seriously consider using it in order to connect your computer to your TV, because surprise, surprise, VGA connectors don’t seem to have overscan problems.

VGA linux ubuntu nvidia overscan tv issue controler

When using VGA out in order to display video out from my graphics card on my TV, everything works like it should, there’s no overscan issues. Zero configuration is necessary, but you are gonna have to activate the VGA/CRT display out using the NVIDIA X Server Settings, after plugging in the VGA cable.

Great thing about using the VGA cable is that there’s no overscan issues, there wasn’t any in my case, but the thing that’s great is that there’s no need to horse around with complicated configuration and settings. After plugging in my TV, I opened up the X Server Display Configuration option from the left sidebar and once I was there I just activated the external display.

Downside to using this type of method for fixing the overscan issue is that you don’t get sound out. Like you probably already know HDMI supports audio out and if you use this method, you will lose that option, but you can probably connect your TV using a 3.5mm audio jack, which is what I did. Give this combo a try and see how it goes. It’s much more easier to setup.


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