You Should Have Duct Tape On Your Web Camera

By | August 2, 2013

Here’s a quick and dirty article on why you should have duct tape on your web camera or in case of a webcam that’s used on a desktop PC, which you can unplug, why you should have it unplugged when it’s not being used. This goes out for all the Windows users, but paranoid users of other operating systems might also want to do the same.

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“Smile, you’re on camera”, would be the best way how to describe what I’m about to talk about. Computer viruses are basically what it boils down to, what the reason for placing duct tape on a web camera would be. Various malware is known to allow the user who infects your computer practically total control over your PC, this includes your webcam.

If you are infected with malware that can take control of your web camera that means that whoever is in control of malware can spy on your when you’re happily sitting in from of your computer. Now if you’re not doing anything naughty in front of the webcam then you’re not going to have any problems, but if you have your computer, or more precisely, your web camera pointed in the direction where you’re changing clothes, or doing other similar private activities, well then you might end up on the Internet.

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This is the reason why paranoid me would advise every notebook owner, every desktop PC owner to remove web cameras when they’re not being used or in case of a laptop to put duct tape on your web camera. That way even if someone infects you, can take control of your webcam, they can’t see anything. That’s the easiest and quickest protection when it comes to web camera safety and virus infection. There’s software solutions, but nothing trumps duct tape.


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