The WordPress Tag Experiment – How Important Are Tags For SEO

By | August 11, 2013

Today I’m gonna do something that might turn out to be mildly interesting. I’ve called it the WordPress tags experiment. This will be my before post. Up until now, on this three, almost 4 months old website I did not have tags activated, and from today I’m gonna add tags to all my posts, and activate them on some of my older posts to see what kind of effects will this have on SEO. I’ve been wondering how important are tags when it comes to SEO and what better way to test the effect of adding tags than this.
wordpress tags add seo test

Obligatory image of random words representing tags. Cute words were all I could find. Anyway, I’ve been reading that by adding tags to a WordPress blog it’s possible that the reader engagement improves. The theory is that people will see tags after reading a post, click on one of them and read some more of the amazing content that you put up on your blog.

Originally I wanted to add tags to all my older posts but when I started doing it, I realized that it will take me a very long time to add tags to all of them, so I only added to a couple of dozen posts from the beginning.

I’m not sure why I decided not to use tags when I started the site. They seem kind of messy and all over the place. Now after reading more about the effect that tags have on SEO, I might have made a mistake, so from now on I’ll be adding tags to all my posts.

Who knows, maybe I stop being lazy and I add tags to all my older posts, to see just how much of an improvement will I get. Problem that I’m having on this website is that bounce rate is pretty high, around 80%. Most people just comes in for 1 post and then leave right away. Small amount of content might be the reason why that is the case, but who knows, maybe it’s because I don’t have tags.

Anyway, in a couple of months I’m gonna report back my findings. Hopefully I’ll see more pageviews from happy readers who are finding a lot more interesting content on my site using tags. Stay tuned and share with the rest of the audience your experience when it comes to tags in the comment section down below.


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