Record Desktop With Both Speaker And Microphone Audio On Linux/Ubuntu

By | August 9, 2013

One of the things that I thought was not possible to do under Linux, at least not this easy, is to record both speaker and microphone audio when recording desktop. Turns out not only that you can do it, but it’s actually much more easier to setup than on Windows, for example.

Kazam record desktop speaker microphone linux

There’s practically no special setup that you need to go through when using Kazam. Now this is screencasting software, which is used for screencasting I suppose, but it can just as well record desktop and save the recording as a video file. Three different codecs for the video recording are available, H264/MP4, VP8/WEBM and RAW/AVI. Don’t use the last one, because it will take around 100GB per second of the recording, I might be exaggerating a bit.

Everything from the main window is pretty much self explanatory. Select either video recording or screenshot. Decide if you will be recording the entire desktop, application window or specific region of the screen and what’s more important, down below put check marks next to the Sound from speakers and Sound from microphone options. You can also decide not to record the cursor.

Kazam record desktop speaker microphone linux settings

Now not only that you can record both speaker and microphone audio, but you can also select which devices will be used during the recording exactly. This is useful if you for example have several sound cards, USB microphones, etc. To setup recording devices, and also screencast/screenshot quality select File >> Preferences. When recording video, make sure that you tweak the frame rate from the default 15 to 25, for a more smoother recording.

Once you’ve setup everything, you just have to click on the Capture button, which is available all the way at the bottom of the main window. This will start the recording and hopefully you’ll end up with a video inside your Videos home folder that has both speaker audio and microphone audio. Try it and let me know if you have any issues.

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