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By | August 8, 2013

Fullscreen text editors are a great way how you can make sure that nothing interferes with your writing. For some, just seeing taskbar icons is enough of a distraction and soon enough they are browsing through Reddit, or some other similar website, wasting time watching cats do cute things, instead of writing. TextRoom is a free portable fullscreen text editor that leaves you with nothing except a black background, blinking text cursor, word count and a clock. Everything else goes, giving you distraction free environment for writing.

fullscreen text editor portable ubuntu windows mac

I realize that the image above has been resized to a point where text in unreadable, but that’s not important. Here I wanted to show you this free portable fullscreen editor in action. Text editing area is pretty much the entire interface, with just a status toolbar down below which tells you the word count and current time.

fullscreen text editor portable ubuntu windows mac controls

TextRoom is available for Ubuntu (and other Linux distros of course), Windows and Mac. We tested TextRoom for Windows, for which a portable, download, click and run version exists. Mouse can be used when documents are being edited, but only for moving the text indicator, and copy-pasting text around. For everything else keyboard shortcuts, which can be seen on the screenshot above, have to be used. To see a full list of all available keyboard shortcuts, hit F1.

fullscreen text editor portable ubuntu windows mac formatting

People usually think that fullscreen text editors don’t have a lot of advanced features, but that is not the case with this portable fullscreen text editor. You can change font type, style and color, insert images, align text, check spelling, you even get a find tool. Read through the list of all the available commands on the the second image from the top to get a better picture of what TextRoom can do.

fullscreen text editor portable ubuntu windows mac options

F2 will open up settings. Here also, despite being a fullscreen text editor, which are supposed to be simplistic, you get a lot of options and settings that you can tweak. Background can be changed from black to any color you want or you can even use an image. All in all, this is a very useful and surprisingly powerful portable fullscreen text editor, with a lot of amazing features. Best of all, it runs on Ubuntu/Linux, Windows and Mac.

Download: Click Here


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