Play Cards On Android With Solitaire: Free Solitaire App For Android

By | August 3, 2013

It’s not very difficult to have fun on Android. There’s a lot of very interesting games and apps for it on Google Play, but if you’re a bit old fashioned like me, and if you played a lot of solitaire back in the day when computers could basically only run solitaire, then you’ve undoubtedly wondered could you go back in time on your Android smartphone or tablet and enjoy solitaire? Well you can with an app called Solitaire (shocking, I know), which is a free solitaire app for Android.

solitaire app android game screenshot play playing

There’s a lot of solitaire apps on Google Play, but if you are looking for one that’s HD optimized, the you need to give Solitaire a try. What you see on the image above is what you’re gonna be seeing when you run this free solitaire app for Android. New game starts right away and you can start playing right away also.

Everything is touchscreen of course. If you tap and hold a card you’ll be able to move it yourself. Tap on the hint button from the toolbar down below gives you the usual hint if you’re stuck and not sure what to do next. Quick tap on cards will automatically move them if there’s somewhere that they can go, this is another way how you can get help from this free solitaire app for Android.

solitaire app android game screenshot

If you just want to focus on the cards and the game, you can click on the downward facing arrow which can be seen on the first image at the top which will hide the bottom toolbar. This will help you focus better and work out what the next move should be.

To show the bottom toolbar again, you need to click on the now upward arrow and it will pop-up. Before you close it down, make sure that you first go over settings and that you open up Themes and tweak everything according to your taste. Interface of this solitaire app can be changed with themes to spice things up a bit. All in all, Solitaire is very fun, it works and has nice graphics.

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