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By | August 6, 2013

One of the things that worries website owners, at least me, is whether or not their website is online or if something happened and it’s down. Downtime can cost you a lot, especially if you have a large website, with a lot of visitors and especially if the downtime lasts for a long time. PagePing is a free automatic website ping tester for Windows. This tool can perform automatic website ping tests every X number of minutes and notify you via email in case that ping fails.

PagePing automatic ping test tester email notification

Of course, automatic ping tests are not the only ones that can be performed. You can also run manual tests, see image above. When you run a manual test, click on the Ping Now button from the toolbar or the top left corner menu will ping the URL address that you’ve added in the Address filed only once. Results of the ping are gonna be showed down below. If you want to run another ping test, you just have to click on the Ping Now button again.

PagePing automatic ping test tester email notification settings

Here’s some more network utilities for Windows:
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Before doing automatic website ping tests, if you want to be notified about ping failure, you’re gonna have to select Options from the toolbar at the top. There’s actually two ways that this automatic website ping tester can notify you about failed ping attempts, either by pinging another address, one that you are monitoring yourself, or via email. Alerts can be setup on the right. Left section of the settings can be used to tweak the time in between ping tests and various other settings, see image above.

PagePing automatic ping test tester email notification auto

On the image I’ve activated the automatic website ping tester. Setup is the same to manual ping tests, only instead of selecting Ping Now, you need to select Auto Ping option. Automatic ping tests will then run every X number of minutes. How long it will be between ping tests depends on what you’ve set in options, how many minutes. Don’t forget to configure email, if you want to receive email notifications.

PagePing is very easy to use, and if you just want to keep track of ping results inside the program, without email notifications, you can do that to. Entire bottom section of this free automatic website ping tester is reserved for results.

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