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By | August 8, 2013

Pressuring preschool kids into learning how to read, if they themselves are not interested in it, is probably not a good idea. If you’re adamant about it, they will probably downright start hating the idea and you’ll end up with a kid who doesn’t want to learn at all. Kids Learn To Read is a free Android reading app for preschool children that will turn learning how to read into a fun game for the little ones, and that way get them to “cooperate”.

kids learn read reading android app educational menu

Free version of Kids Learn To Read is limited in word length. Only 3 and 4 letter words are available but this is more than enough to learn preschool kids about the fundamentals of reading. When you run the game, you’ll get a menu where there are three types of “games” that you can run. First is the Learn To Blend game mode.

kids learn read reading android app educational learning

So what you do, when using the Learn To Blend mode of this Android reading app, is you tap on the turtle, hold down the tap and slide to the right. While you’re doing this the turtle will move across the word and every letter of it will be read out. How fast the words are gonna be read can be adjusted by clicking on either the walking stick, shoes or skateboard, where skateboard is of course the fastest. Use the arrows in top left and right corners to switch between words.

kids learn read reading android app educational test

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Try Reading mode is for those youngsters who have practiced enough and would now like to test their reading skills. The point of the previous mode, the “blend” mode is for the kids to connect together letters and how they sound. Try Reading mode goes one step further. It offers a word and 4 possible images of what that word might mean, so that kids are now connecting words to images of what the word represents.

kids learn read reading android app educational matching words

In the last game mode of this free Android reading app for kids, the little ones will have to create words by turning cubes so that the word matches the object above it. They can turn around letters by tapping on them, holding down the tap and moving your finger around. This will further practice their reading skills. Kids Learn To Read is very fun and very educational, give it a try and see how it goes.

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