Keyword Or Keyphrase – Which Is Better For SEO Optimization

By | August 3, 2013

Recently I wrote an article on how to write a Yoast SEO optimized blog post and in there I mentioned that it’s far better to write articles which are keyphrase optimized, instead of writing articles that are keyword optimized. Today I’m gonna go into a bit more details about the keyword or keyphrase battle and tell you why I think that when writing articles you should be focusing on keyphrases and not keywords.

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Why keywords might not be so great

The reason for my objection to people using keywords is probably obvious to those who are more familiar with SEO, practically every keyword that you can think of already has incredible competition that you would have to beat in order to reach the top of Google search.

The keyword or keyphrase debate might not be very important to those who have piles of money to spend on the very best SEO specialists, but all those who have limited or no funds, and who starts with nothing should probably pay attention.

You’ll get to the tops of search results if your write articles which are SEO optimized for keyphrases, than the ones for a specific word, like “windows” for example. There’s a million websites which are already talking about windows, but if you are handy with home improvement, then you can SEO optimized your articles for more specific keyphrases, like “windows shutter fix” or something like that (I suck at home improvement so I can’t thing of anything good).

Why are keyphrases better then?

Well for the same reason that keywords are not that great, a significantly smaller number of people have thought about optimizing their articles for a keyphrase, so chances for you getting to the top for the keyphrases optimized articles are much higher.

Keyword or keyphrase, which is better for SEO?

In the end it boils down to your choice. If you’re ready to battle against all the popular and established websites for specific keywords, you can do that, especially if it’s your website that is established and popular with a decent reader base.

Those that are just starting out with their website should probably focus on keyphrases first and then move to targeting specific keywords once you have a larger website. Keep the keyphrase to about 3 or 4 words, depending on what you’re talking about of course. Lets me know what you think in the comments section down below.


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