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By | August 30, 2013

Something that new webmasters are not aware of, but is very important for search engine optimization and general user satisfaction, would be website loading speeds. How fast your website loads plays a role, up to a certain degree, in your search engine rankings. What it basically comes down to is that Google will keep track of how fast your website loads and if there are other website with similar content that are faster, it will push them higher in search results because it will be better for the users. That’s why today I’m gonna be talking about Pingdom, which is a free web based website speed tester.

Pingdom Website speed tester test free

Pingdom and the test itself can be accessed by following the links that I gave down below. Pretty much the only thing that you need to do in order to start testing the speed of your website is type in its address and click the Test Now button. If you want, this free website speed tester can be use a different location, location from where the website is gonna be tested. Multiple locations are supported actually, Amsterdam, New York and Dallas.

How to test website speed and interpret results when using Pingdom – free website speed tester

Once that you’ve clicked on the Test Now button, you should see test results posted very quickly, if your website is fast that is.

Pingdom website speed tester speed results

Setting up the test isn’t that difficult, copy-paste the URL, select the server location and then click on the Test Now button to start the website test. Results come in two parts. Simplified test report can be seen on the image above. This is where you can check out the basic overview of load time, page size, number of requests and you get a grade with a short comment of how fast or slow your website is compared to others that have been tested.

Pingdom website speed tester speed reading results

The real trick when it comes to Pingdom is knowing how to interpret all the detailed website speed reports that are available down below, underneath the simplified report. The Waterfall view gives you a detailed breakdown of every request made to files when your website was loading. This is where you can see which file or script is causing the most lag and slowing down your website, so you can fix it.

Pingdom website speed tester speed performance grade

All the other tab at the top will give you similar reports about website performance, except the last one, History, where you can see a diagram of all the tests that you made on Pingdom so you can track changes in performance. Performance Grade tab even gives you advice and links to Google articles on how to improve your website speed depending on in which grade it was put in.

Links and impressions

Pingdom is a great way how you can analyze the performance of your website. Make sure that you do it every now and then to see how your website is behaving (using the History tab). For those that need more features, you can upgrade your account to professional version which gives you even more functionality.

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2 thoughts on “Free Website Speed Tester For Testing Website Load Time – Pingdom

  1. Dowson

    But there are other tools which can used for site speed monitoring eg Anturis. I understand that free tools are very attractive, but no of them can turn out to be good like Pingdom. For me it is better to pay and feel more reliable about the service.

    1. Zoran

      You mean turn out good like Anturis? Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t know about Anturis, I’ll check it out. I see that it even has a free plan, which is nice.


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