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By | August 12, 2013

Are you maybe interested in keeping track of your keyboard input and mouse activity? Well if you are, and you use either Linux, Windows or Mac, look no further. WhatPulse makes it easy to not only keep detailed statistics about keystrokes, mouse clicks, but also about applications that you use the most, network activity, system uptime and more. It’s a mouse and keyboard activity monitoring tool. Note that it only detects how much you press your keyboard, it does not detect what is being typed, this is not a keylogger.

WhatPulse keyboard activity monitoring monitor windows

WhatPulse runs on all the major operating systems, Linux, Windows and Mac. There’s even packages made specifically for Debian, Debian 7 to be more precise. Keyboard activity monitoring is quite easy with WhatPulse. First you need to create an account. Account makes it possible to save/log your keyboard and mouse activity online. Without it you cannot use the program.

Heath map of the keyboard input can be seen above. This shows you graphically which keys you’ve pressed the most. Mouse hover over a key tells you how many times you’ve pressed that key specifically and gives you usage percentages.

WhatPulse keyboard activity monitoring monitor windows network

Like I already mentioned in the introduction, WhatPulse monitors and keeps detailed stats about not just your mouse or keyboard activity, but also about network upload and download, both bandwidth usage and data usage. You can check out your network activity if you open up the third, Network, tab. First one all the way in the left gives you basic overview over your computer components, hence the name Overview.

Every tab has several additional pages through which you can go through using the arrow keys in the top right corner. These open up even more features. Under the Input tab, there’s a page of the application activity monitor, which tells you which applications you use the most.

WhatPulse keyboard activity monitoring monitor windows settings

This keyboard activity monitoring tool is highly configurable. You can select what’s gonna be monitored and behavior of the application in general. In the last tab you can setup your WhatPulse account. After registering an account you get your own profile on the WhatPulse website where all of your mouse, network, application and keyboard activity will be logged.

WhatPulse keyboard activity monitoring monitor windows mouse map

Here’s something cool, this is what my mouse heath map looks like, areas of the screen where I click the most, isn’t it cool? Free accounts get their stats updated once every 24 hours, while premium every 2 hours, plus a lot of other benefits, see more info on the homepage of this free mouse and keyboard activity monitoring tool.

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