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By | August 19, 2013

It can sometimes be hard to detach our heads from computer monitors and look to that strange un-explored world known as the outside, even if it’s just to check and see what kind of weather you’re having. For this reason, geeks have decided to create weather reporting utilities for their respective operating systems. sWeather is one such utility, it’s a Windows system tray weather utility that’s portable and reports current weather conditions from Yahoo Weather.

sWeather windows system tray weather app utility forecast

Practically every location in the world is supported. I tried to type in the name of my home village (which sits pretty much in the middle of nowhere), this free Windows system tray weather app detected it and started reporting current weather conditions right away.

Main window of sWeather, which can be seen on the image above, only reports back current weather conditions, the ones that you’re too lazy to look outside the window for, ;). You can keep track of several locations at once, and switch between them using the Locations tab from the top left corner menu or the left-right arrows from the right vertical toolbar.

sWeather windows system tray weather app utility forecast settings

Select Options >> Settings in order to add locations and of course tweak sWeather. Some of the things that you can tweak include weather refresh time, switch between metric and royal measurements, add additional system tray icon with temperature in it, activate extended forecast, add this free Windows system tray utility to startup so that it starts with the system and so on.

sWeather windows system tray weather app utility forecast 10 day

Extended weather forecast is also supported, 10 day or 5 day forecasts from Yahoo Weather can be pulled. Extended forecast opens up in its own window. Activate it by selecting Settings >> Show extended view or again by clicking on the extended view icon from the right sidebar of the main window.

If you’re looking for a very simple and lightweight system tray weather app for Windows, then sWeather should definitely be one those that you at least test out. Great thing about it is that it’s portable, which means that there’s no need to install anything in order to test this free Windows system tray weather utility out.

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