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By | August 10, 2013

I don’t know about you, but ever since I got my flat rate internet connection, I kinda started to like streaming a lot, and I mean streaming of everything, TV shows, movies and especially radio. You have to admit that listening to the same music collection over and over again is a bit boring. When you stream online radio stations, all the songs really are random and odds are good that they’re gonna be new to you, at least some of them. FM Live is a feature rich online radio player for Windows 8. Over a 1000 radio stations come pre-loaded, and you can also add your own if you want.

FM Live free online radio player windows 8

Installation process of FM Live is a bit unusual, mainly because it requires a lot of additional packages to be installed in order for it to work. That’s the reason why the installer of this free online radio player for Windows 8 is around 100MB in size, which is a lot for an online radio player.

Player interface is very modern looking, with main menu all the way at the top, slick playback controls are available right under it, and additional controls are available at the bottom for selecting the radio station that you want to listen and setting up recordings. Yes that’s right with FM Live you can record online radio if you want, and not just that, you can also schedule recordings so that you don’t miss your favorite shows when you’re not in.

FM Live free online radio player menu window 8 main

Entire interface is optimized for Windows 8 and touchscreens. Notice the very large buttons, and also the main interface, which can be seen on the image above, which I probably should have showed first, but I skipped over it and forgot. Tiles are available for pretty much all the options that you can see on the screenshot of the player interface. Click on any of the tiles turns on the player interface.

FM Live free online radio player menu window 8 player recording

If you were to open up the Channels tile, radio station selection comes up where you can select the radio station that you want to listen to. When I was writing this, there were little over 1700 radio stations in the database of this free online radio player for Windows 8 and they get updated frequently. Radio stations are grouped according to the country that they’re from, with a search tool that can be used to find the radio station you want more quickly. To record online radio, switch over to the Recording tab and setup everything. Do the same thing when you want to schedule a recording, only open up the Schedule tab of course.

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